10 Chrome themes to change appearance and customize it

Google Chrome is now the most used browser in the world and by far the best for its great ability to expand its functions and be customized according to your tastes.
Although Chrome has no options to change the way menus and tabs appear, it still allows you to change the appearance of its graphics and customize it according to your tastes, especially in the colors of the edges and the home page.
The Chrome themes, although they are quite simple, can give the browser a much cleaner appearance, making it easier to read the text, less shot and colored. As I see it, the best Chrome themes are minimalist, with dark and solid colors, without drawings or photos, but simply a well-defined color shade, which does not hide anything.
In this list of the 10 best themes Chrome will focus heavily on this type of graphic aspect, without however renouncing some more drawn and colored theme that is worth trying.
1) Slinky Elegant is the theme that I use, all black, with white writing, which does not bother the ochci in the evening, which reads well and distinguishes each button clearly.
It is a really simple theme and, for this very reason, appreciable.
Note that the Morhpeon Dark theme, also highly appreciated in the reviews, is practically identical.
2) Slinky Moderno is by the same author as the one above, with a gray color, suitable for those who do not want black, which remains smooth and clean much more than any other theme.
3) Carbon black + silver metal is perhaps the most used Chrome theme ever, with lighter graphics, with dark edges and menus and tabs colored in metallic gray and a white initial tab. This theme is also very simple and is good for those who don't want the all black browser.
The Metallic Black theme is very similar to this.
4) Blue / green cubes is a minimalist theme reminiscent of the sea, with the blue bar at the top and the first tab with a background made of green and blue cubes. All colors, outlines and buttons are well defined with these excellent theme.
5) Black green shards is a dark theme that uses vedre to give a touch of personality to the browser, making it seem a more futuristic and science fiction movie program. The colors and graphics are dark, clean and well defined.
6) Doink is a bucolic theme with flowers and birds drawn in a stylized way and with light vintage colors. Light colors work best in well-lit rooms and in the office where this theme is particularly suitable.
7) Polytheme is the best Chrome theme for those who want something stronger, with a very bright purple color and a background of colored polygons. Even if the colors are so strong, they do not bother and do not cover buttons and writings that remain well defined.
8) Google Now is the theme inspired by the Google Now app for Android. The background is crisp and crystal clear, with a wide range of colors on the screen and well defined gray menus.
9) Grass is one of the first official themes created for Chrome and one of the most successful ones, although it has not been updated since 2011. This theme is all green with a grass background on the initial tab. Compared to other themes, green is a bit shot and can confuse the titles of the cards.
10) Colors is a very colorful and nice theme with a first card background that will surely be appreciated by artists and painters. The only flaw is on the titles of the cards which are not perfectly legible due to the colored background.
11) Chrome themes inspired by Android we have:
- Android Jelly Bean theme
- Robot Theme
- Dark Android Theme
BONUS: If you don't like any of these themes and you want to customize Chrome according to your taste, then you can easily create a theme through the My Theme application that allows you to choose the background image or photo and the browser colors.
Other themes can be found in the Chrome Web Store
In addition to the themes, remember that you can customize Chrome by changing the appearance of the home tab through some extensions.

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