10 tricks and useful options on Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app, Instagram has undergone many changes in the past year and since it belongs to Facebook.
More and more users are signing up and the app has more and more photo editing tools to improve and personalize the shots taken with the mobile phone before sharing them on the internet.
In this guide we see the main functions and tricks that the Instagram app offers, which I remember you can download for free for Android and for iPhone or iPad from the official website.
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1) First of all, let's see what has changed with the most recent Instagram update on the Android and iPhone apps. 6 new filters have been added to edit photos taken with the Instagram app itself. Adjustments of shadows and lights, vignettes, filter intensity, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and light intensity.
2) Send photos privately only to selected people
If you don't use Instagram to be followed by strangers but you just want to share a few shots with friends and relatives, you can use the Instagram Direct mode to share the photo with up to 15 people. To use Instagram Direct choose this mode in the sharing menu and select the recipients by touching the circle next to their names or typing their names in the ' To ' field.
3) Ignore messages
If you follow friends who constantly share many photos, even if they are not very interesting, without blocking them, you can choose to ignore them. To ignore messages directed by a person, tap the bar icon at the top right of the home page, tap three horizontal dots (iPhone) or the three dot button (Android). and select " Ignore all messages from this user ".
4) Hide or remove tags
Whenever someone tags you in a photo, it appears in the "photo of you" section. If there are some private photos that you don't want others to see, you can choose to hide them. To hide a tagged photo, touch the offending photo, access the menu and hide it. You can also remove the tag or go to Photos of yourself, tap the settings in the upper right corner and select the ' Add manually ' option.
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5) Use filters without posting photos on Instagram
Many people may be interested in the Instagram app for its filters, without however wanting to use the social network. You can keep the photo private and without publishing it on the internet using Airplane mode. After setting the phone to airplane mode, take the photo, follow the upload and share procedure until it fails. Press the button to delete the unshared photo and close Instagram. However, the photo remains saved in the mobile gallery.
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6) Geotag removal
Instagram with the Geotag function recovers the location data of the phone and saves the position of the photos taken. Photos uploaded to Instagram can then be viewed in the Photo Map. To remove the geotag, go to the Photo Map and tap on Edit .
7) Add the Hashtags after publication
After uploading a photo, if you haven't put a hashtag yet, you can do so by leaving a comment. People will be able to find that photo with the hashtag search.
8) Saving a published photo
Instagram automatically saves photos to your phone's gallery unless you save the save original photos setting. To check, go to the settings on the profile page and activate the Save original photos option.
You can also choose to keep the option disabled and save photos manually. To save a photo, touch the horizontal three-point button (iPhone) or the button with three vertical points (Android), which is located at the bottom of the photo, choose " Copy URL " from the menu, paste and open the URL on the browser phone's internet, touch and hold the photo and save.
9) Turn off video preloading
When you browse content posted by other people on Instagram, the videos are played automatically. If you don't want this, go to the settings and select to upload videos only when using Wifi.
10) Sounds On and Off on videos .
You can turn off the audio of Instagram videos in the settings. To listen to the audio of a video in this case, you have to tap the audio button on the top right corner of the video.
11) Many special tricks are possible if you use Instagram on PC with extensions for Chrome and Firefox .
12) The trick to download photos and videos from Instagram from Android, iPhone and PC is in another article.
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