13 Portable PC security and protection programs

Computer security programs are mainly antivirus, antimalware, firewalls and malicious file scanners.
After seeing the main basic tools for computer security, we see in this new collection, the most important portable programs, small and space-saving, to solve any security problem when some critical issues arise and when a virus has caused some problems.
It is known that two antiviruses cannot be installed together and there is no need to weigh down the PC with too heavy programs.
They are therefore extra tools, very light, to be added to the antivirus suite, to have second emergency options and not to give malware any chance to damage the computer.
There are therefore free programs to find malware, encrypt confidential files, resolve damage caused by viruses, and many other useful functions that are never found even in the most expensive and powerful security suites.
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1) ESET Rogue Applications Remover - 2.57 MB
This is a scan tool that detects fake antivirus or fake optimization suites that take your computer hostage asking to pay to be removed.
This tool has already been mentioned in the article on how to eliminate fake antivirus that taking your pc hostage.
1BIS) Eset Sysinspector for security control on files, processes and registry keys, is another very advantageous free portable security program to use, to get an opinion on the state of the computer. In the event that an element marked as dangerous should be found, Sysinspector does not give the possibility to remove it but allows to know its name and position. For those who have no experience but also for the more experienced, if critical elements marked in red should be found, it would be advisable to follow the guide to find out if the computer is infected with viruses or malware in which we talk about another similar program: Comodo Cleaning Essentials .
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2) KeyScrambler Personal - 3.39 MB
Also this tool had already been mentioned in the post on the best free Anti-keylogger where I had preferred another program. But if you want an alternative tool, KeyScrambler Personal can be downloaded for free and is a great way to check if there are keyloggers on your computer and delete them. The program encrypts everything you type in IE and Firefox, so even if you are hit by a keylogger, nobody can steal information.
3) ADWCleaner, the most powerful and effective program to remove Adware and toolbar
4) TinyWall - 1.05 MB
This program is the simplest and lightest to manage the Windows 7 firewall and create rules to block the access of some programs on the network, preventing file tampering (especially of the hosts file). TinyWall works but is for advanced Windows users because of the few warnings provided when a program is blocked.
5) F-Secure Easy Clean - 3.97 MB. No antivirus tool can detect 100% of threats. It is therefore worth having one or two alternative scanners available, which are portable and do not require installation. F-Secure Easy Clean is one of these, simple and with nothing to configure.
However, it is not the only possibility, in fact, in another post, we have seen the best portable Antivirus for emergency scans
6) Free USB Guard - 248KB
This small tool to run automatically on the Windows PC, allows you to be notified every time you turn off the computer and a USB stick remains attached, not to forget it.
In another article, how to put the password on the USB stick to protect files from extraneous access
7) FolderChangesView - 92KB
This program is one of those for checking file changes on a folder.
8) PC On / Off Time - 540 KB
It lets you know if anyone has used the PC.
It is a program that records the precise time of every time the computer is turned on and off.
9) FreeFixer - 3.37MB
If the antivirus doesn't find the virus that infected your pc, then it's time to use FreeFixer.
A guide was written about this program some time ago describing it as a great tool to find hidden viruses and problems on Windows.
It checks all the places where malware could hide: drivers, launchers, browser toolbars, Windows services, Explorer extensions and so on.
When using FreeFixer, however, you must pay attention to what you delete, without deleting system files, compromising the functioning of Windows.
10) Encryption Wizard - 1.24 MB
It is a small tool designed for the US military, to protect files with passwords and not to open them to unauthorized outsiders.
Being based on Java, you need to copy the EW-Public-3.3.4.jar file from the downloaded file on a USB stick, and you can use it on every computer, Mac, Windows and Linux, where Java is installed.
In another post, the best programs to protect files with passwords.
11) RKill
This is one of those programs that you must always have on hand. It allows you to automatically terminate all active processes on your computer that may have to do with malware. RKill is the basis of every procedure to eliminate a virus from the pc.
12) Unhide is instead used to re- enable Windows functions if a virus has hidden folders or has made access to certain functions such as the task manager, the control panel or other settings screens no longer available.
13) We cannot fail to mention here also other programs already described in other articles such as:
- HijackThis, the best tool to catch malicious rootkits,
- TDSS Killer, when you open the web yourself.
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