20 free games to play online and play against friends

A particularly fun category of games is that of multiplayer games and while most of them allow you to challenge online players all over the world, there are also some that can also be configured to play on the net with friends, creating the so-called LAN Party. I refer to those games where it is possible to play on the LAN, with challenges one against one or all against all. Also, since many homes are equipped with Wi-Fi and since most people carry their laptops wherever they go, there are a lot of ways you can use that network to host a private game. (see also how to create a LAN of computers at home or in the office).
These games also become opportunities to play with family, friends or, why not, work colleagues with whom you stand side by side during long days in the office.
As seen in another article, then, there are programs to create a VPN to play online simulating a LAN or you can use the Steam program and activate the Remote Play Together function to play Steam games with friends as if they were using the same computer.
In this list of free games we then see the most beautiful ones to download immediately for any occasion where you can play with other friends, on the LAN or, on occasion, in multiplayer on public servers.
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1) Xonotic is one of the best free (open source) and multiplayer shooter games that you can download for Windows, Linux and Mac PC, similar to Quake, with online games against other players or even games against friends in Lan Party
2) Wolfestein Enemy Territor is a completely free first-person shooter game to download and play that, in addition to being open-source, allows you to play in Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN together with other people, in private. You can then fight another player until one of them runs out of health, in the entire unique atmosphere of Wolfestein's dystopian world.
3) Team Fortress 2 is one of the most fun multiplayer games ever, which then inspired highly successful titles such as Overwatch and Fortnite. With its funny characters and fast-paced third-person shooter games, you can also organize online games with friends.
4) OpenTTD is the best of the transport simulation games, with infinite creation possibilities and a multiplayer mode to play with other people.
5) Starcraft is an old-fashioned real time strategy game where you can build the empire and wage stellar war against enemies
6) America's Army is a not very recent, free, very tactical and realistic war shooter. It is played in multiplayer mode and there is also the possibility of creating LAN Parties, that is games in LAN.
7) Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy-themed turn-based strategic war game, where you can play online in multiplayer mode and also on the local network.
8) Alien Swarm is another very successful and long-standing shooter, with the Steam graphics engine and the ability to play up to 4 people in teams against other teams in a multiplayer first-person battle.
9) The most popular type of games to play on the LAN are certainly first person shooters with a subjective view.
Among the best shooter games to play on the net and in multiplayer mode that I had mentioned in the past, I recommend Warsow here for its more cartoony graphics suitable for everyone, even for children. When shooting, the rifle hits with electricity and not bullets. You can quickly and easily create your own local server to which other players on the net can join for a challenge where you have to kill your opponent by shooting him, without getting hit by his rifle. The game to be an all against all, a duel or whatever.
10) Unreal Tournament, is one of the best multiplayer first person shooters, a great classic still very much played.
11) TrackMania Nations forever has always been one of my favorite games, still today one of the best free and multiplayer machine games available for pc. You can do a race on the net by creating your own server and challenging friends without limit of number, you can also play in 20 all together.
12) Paladins is one of the best free multiplayer shooter games ever in 2020, with beautiful graphics and the ability to host private games with friends.
13) Brawlhalla is a really fun game, with cartoon graphics and two-dimensional view with side scrolling. You can play multiplayer online and also together with a friend on the same computer.
14) Another noteworthy shooter game to play network and multiplayer games against other players is Warrock, a free game similar to the famous Steam Counter Strike, a team shooter with online multiplayer games.
15) WarZone 2100 is a game of which I have already written, listing the three best strategic war games where you can command armies. A game can also be organized online at the university or in the office, against friends and colleagues for games where the smartest of the generals wins.
16) If the war game was too demanding, perhaps the good old Risiko downloadable also in Italian in the version for PC Lux Deluxe could be enough. The game must be installed in 1 second on the computers of the players who can have a computerized version of the classic and famous board game Risiko. The first time you start the game, one person can start the server and the other players can join it. Obviously it's a turn-based game whose game can last a couple of hours, with dice rolls, tanks to move, attacks on neighbors to conquer the whole world. The game automatically manages the roll of the dice and the calculation of the armies gained or lost.
On another page there are links to download other board games such as Risiko and Monopoli.
17) Playing poker in the sport mode of Texas Holdem is possible by downloading the PokerTH game available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Playing this game is like sitting around a huge pool table with friends and starting a game until you hit chips. One of the players can host the game on the net and configure the game options, including the number of players, how much money each player starts and other details. The graphics are pretty decent, especially when you consider that the game is free and obviously with fake money. Fun is guaranteed and the game of poker can be played from the office computers with bluffs and blinds.
Other card games like Uno, Scopa and Burraco to play online on the computer are reported on another page.
18) Armagetron, as already mentioned, is one of the best Tron clones to download for free for Windows, Linux and Mac PCs.
Since you play with the keyboard and the game is very light, you can play a game on the net even with old and poor computers, creating engaging and fun team challenges or one on one. The rhythm of this game makes your heart beat faster and setting up a multiplayer game is a breeze. You can also split the screen up to four views to see all four players. the winner is the one who resists the longest and doesn't crash into the opponent's wake.
19) For a one-on-one game even on the same computer we see Wormux the best clone of the famous Worms, where players command armed worms that shoot from right to left and from left to right. You shoot in turn by deciding on the shooting path and then seeing what damage it does to the opponent.
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