20 YouTube tricks and different ways of watching videos

YouTube is the most famous and important video portal in the world and is visited by millions of people every day.
In this article we see the best functions and the most important tricks to see YouTube videos and the most popular web applications that allow you to use YouTube also in different ways, not only therefore to see simple video clips.
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1) You can make ringtones for your mobile phone with the Melofania website.
Practically, if you like those ringtones that are heard in the various advertisements on television, just search for the video on YouTube and, using Melofania, create the ringtone to put on the mobile phone. The creation of ringtones is quick and easy: just browse the site, enter the URL of the video or MP3 file and click on 'Upload'; then specify the start and end point and download the ringtone.
2) There are times when a longer video only affects a certain part.
YouTube itself offers this option by adding the & t = XXmXXs code (e.g. //www.youtube.com/watch "> Youtubetime.com to the end of the video's URL or web address.
It allows you to specify of a YouTube video, the part you want to keep and the part to be cut.
Obviously this function becomes useful in case you want to embed the videos on your own website or on a social network like Facebook.
3) If the default interface of the YouTube site, the main one, does not satisfy or you want something more beautiful to watch or more functional to quickly search for the videos that interest you, you can have visual alternatives such as YouTube Doubler allows you to see two videos at the same time .
4) TestTube is instead the Labs section for YouTube where you can try the latest news developed that have not yet been officially released and are being tested.
To date, the day I am writing this post, there are: CaptionTube to add subtitles or captions or comments to videos with an interactive editor; Video annotations that serves to put comments and link multiple clips together; Active sharing to show other users which videos they are watching in real time; Warp is the full screen visual search engine; Stream to chat with other users watching the same video at the same time .
5) If you often upload videos to YouTube then it can be interesting to also see their popularity by looking for the sites that have incorporated it into their web pages.
The view statistics section for each clip is My Videos Insight where you can watch all the views, their number, the sites that have incorporated it, day by day.
6) With YouTube you can also set an alarm alarm in which, at the desired moment, a video of your choice starts automatically.
7) You can read the Italian subtitles of the videos in English on YouTube .
8) You can also take notes while watching a Youtube video, excellent for study or work reasons.
9) QuieTube is a button to be added to the browser in the form of a favorite or better bookmarklet, by pressing which while playing a video, allows you to view it alone on a page, eliminating everything around it.
To use the bookmarklet just drag it on the bookmarks bar and press it when needed.
10) To jump to the interesting part of a video just add the parameter wadsworth = 1 to the URL.
In practice, an address like youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4 becomes youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4&wadsworth=1
11) YouTube Replay allows you to repeat watching a video indefinitely, automatically .
Even you can even choose a piece of that video and repeat it in a loop, without stopping.
12) Gifs allows you to convert a part of YouTube video (10 seconds) into an animated image from the Gif format .
In another post we saw the best ways to create Gif images and this adds to that list.
13) You can open Youtube videos on a PC program such as UMPlayer, a great alternative to VLC to watch videos and movies on the computer, which I mentioned some time ago.
By opening UMPlayer, you can directly search for a video from Youtube from the search bar at the top right.
14) AuthorStream instead allows you to insert a YouTube video into a Powerpoint presentation even if then, to view it, the PC must be connected to the internet.
Always about Powerpoint there is a program that allows you to share slides on YouTube and upload the presentation on the internet.
We had already talked about these things in the post on tools to create and share Powerpoint presentations online.
15) In case you have the possibility to watch YouTube videos on a television or on a large LCD screen you can use YouTube in full screen version which is the optimized version for large screens.
16) On YouTube you can also see three-dimensional videos to watch with 3D glasses those with red and blue lenses.
17) On Firefox and Chrome, thanks to an extension, it is possible to open videos on Youtube so that there are no interruptions accelerating the buffering (loading)
18) Windows trick to open and upload youtube videos faster
19) To open videos always in high quality and fixed resolution there are extensions for Chrome and Firefox that I have already talked about.
20) Picture In Picture on YouTube is a Chrome function that allows you to detach the video on Chrome so you can see it in a small window in the lower right. In this way it is possible to surf the internet, switch from one tab to another and watch a second video leaving the selected one in the foreground. The PIP is also very useful when watching a video guide or tutorial so that you can follow the instructions without having to pause.
21) Turn Off Lights to dim the screen when watching a video.
22) YouTube Video Editor to join videos and add transition effects
Those who want to publish videos on Youtube can take advantage of the editing tools that Youtube itself makes available, simple and fast. The editor is convenient for putting several videos together and adding transition effects between them. There are also several Instagram-style filters and other settings.
23) Measure the connection speed with Youtube
There is nothing more annoying than a video that is played in fits and starts. YouTube has a hidden function that recommends, based on the speed detected by your position and for your ISP, which speed to use.
Go to YouTube My Speed ​​to get information regarding the video streaming speed and the zone speed. If you right-click twice on a video, you can find the statistics function for Nerd, to see the speed of the streaming stream.
24) If Youtube is slow, how to optimize HD videos on Chrome and Firefox
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