26 almost unknown Google sites and tools to discover

We all know that Google is not just a search engine but a company that does almost everything on the internet and that has a huge amount of websites.
The main Google sites, besides the search engine, are Maps, Youtube, Blogger and the blogs Blogspot, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google+.
In addition to these, which are accessible from the small square icon at the top right on Google.it, there are several other Google sites and tools that are almost unknown, new and old, of great value and usefulness.
Since then no one searches for " Google " on Google (and instead many are doing it ...), it is worth discovering a list of the best Google sites and online services, among the least known, often available only in English, but however, they can also be used in Italy for various purposes .
1) Google Ngram Viewer is a tool for history buffs that allows you to search for keywords in millions of books from the past.
In practice it serves to discover the evolution of trends over time, from 1850 to 2000.
For example, if you want to find out how popular vampires, zombies and werewolves were, a little research on Ngram Viewer is enough in Italy.
2) Google Correlate is a section of Google Trends that allows you to analyze search trends over time.
For example, set Italy and then write a word like "dog" to see how the "holidays" entries are created to see how searches are concentrated in spring-summer.
The best part of Google Related is the Search designed.
Click on the Search by Drawing link at the bottom left to draw the graph and find out which search terms had that trend.
3) Google Trends is used to see trends in searches done around the world.
Unfortunately, the most interesting section, that of the rankings, is currently located only in the United States and is expected to be extended to Italy and other countries.
However, every year you can see the most searched words on Google .
4) Google Think Insights is a useful tool for entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector, unfortunately only in English.
There are case studies and advice on how to grow your business and tools to maximize the site and advertising campaigns.
5) Google Tips, a kind of blog with many articles and guides on how to use Google apps.
6) Google Public Data is a search through databases from all over the world, including Italy.
There are graphs and statistics from the World Bank, Eurostat and other sources.
7) Google Art and Culture is a wonderful Google site that contains the collections of some of the most important exhibitions in the world and museums to visit online for free.
From the menu at the top left you can then access the Google Art Project (one of the best sites to search for works of art and view them online), the sight of the monuments and Google World Wonders with the wonders of the world to visit online.
8) Webmaster Tools or WebMaster tools is a necessary tool for all owners of a website, to monitor the health and traffic of a site according to the Google search engine.
9) Google Fonts is the site from which to download the open source and free fonts that can be used for commercial projects on the internet or to write on the computer.
These are the Google Web Fonts writing fonts already described and explained in another article.
10) Google store, where to buy the devices sold by Google among which there are the Nexus / Pixel and Chromecast smartphones.
11) Google Developers hosts resources that developers can freely use (ex Google Code)
12) Google Keep is not only an application to write notes to remember synchronized between PC and mobile phone, but also a website.
14) Google Sky is part of Google Earth and functions as an online telescope for exploring space
15) Google Flights to search for air flights at the lowest price would be a great tool if it were not that it cannot consider RyanAir flights.
16) Google Cloud Print, to print via the internet on your printer.
17) Google MyBusiness, to report your business on Google Maps, free of charge.
18) Google My Account, the Google account management page, where among other things you can do the privacy control of Google services, including the modification of the web history and the history of the positions and the security control of the Google account very important.
19) Google Address Book, where you can find all the contacts stored by Gmail and also from the address book of the Android smartphone.
20) Google Photo Archive, where you can find all the photos saved with the various Google Photos, Picasa, Blogger services.
21) Google Passwords, to find all the passwords stored via Chrome in the Google password manager.
22) Google Forms, for asking questions and surveys .
23) Google Destinations and Google Trips, to plan holidays and trips.
24) AI Experiments, to test the artificial intelligence of a computer through experimental applications to be discovered.
25) Google Play The World, to see where some famous films were shot.
26) Google animal verses, to hear the animal verses.
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