3 Free Windows War Games: Tanks, Ships and Planes

This time the title of the post is extremely clear: we have 3 free games to choose from this week, 3 very engaging and also demanding games, which can be played for free on Windows PC and which have in common the theme of the war, experienced firsthand .
For two of them it is not a question of pastime games but of really high level titles, where you play with a computer connected to the internet, against other players on the net.
The third, Duty Calls, is a parody of the famous game Call Of Duty, blockbuster and best war game of the last few years.
The fact that they are free games for Windows is certainly an added value for video games that would still have had their market even if they had been paid.
1) The first is World Of Tanks, a very fun tank war that is played in multiplayer and which I think will involve new players for at least a couple of months. The game is a mix between simulation and arcade shooter, very easy to play but also very thorough. In fact, if you are able to play and make war from the first game, only after some time you can become aware of the difficulties and possibilities of the game. In practice, to beat opponents and destroy their tanks, it is necessary to use the brain and move rationally. Important, for example, is to take advantage of the environment, plants, bushes and buildings to hide from the blows and the sight of enemy tanks. World Of Thank is a team game, where the coverage of teammates and the environment matters a lot.
The dynamics are very lively and fun, with a fast but not frantic and casual simulation. As an MMO game, you need to accumulate experience and upgrade your weapons to become stronger and more destructive weapons. When the tank is hit it takes damage which must then be repaired. World of Tanks is theoretically completely free to play, in the sense that you can download and play it at any time. Experience and money are accumulated during the game but to empower the cart in a decisive way it would be necessary to spend real money with micropayments by credit card. It is not necessary to pay to have fun and if you are good you can win even without spending a penny; but certainly money can make a difference.
2) World of Warship and Word of Airplane, from the same production company, are war games very similar to World of Thanks, always strategic action games and Belgian simulations, respectively with naval battles and air battles.
3) Arma 2 Free is the realistic first person military simulation that I described in another article. Arma 2 Free is similar to BattleField, it is a complete game without limitations and without micro transactions, not too easy to play for the less experienced.
Bonus) DutyCalls (no longer exists but can still be downloaded from PHPNuke) is a remake of the famous game Call Of Duty, re-proposed with an ironic and irreverent version of the war. The game is absolutely complete and playable on the Windows computer, after downloading and installing it. Despite being a limited version, it is a real Call Of Duty, with a very fun war simulation. DutyCalls is not multiplayer and just wants to be a parody (unfortunately only in English) but it is a game that Call Of Duty fans must absolutely play, also because it is completely free.
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