5 ways to capture text from images on PC

To capture the text that is written on an image you cannot simply copy and paste it, but you need a tool that recognizes the presence of written words and that is able to extract them from the image file in order to then paste them on a document or where you want.
This type of IT operation is very useful when you find pages of books photographed and saved as image files or to copy the text of a magazine or box or photographs found on the internet.
The capture of the text written inside the images is based on the so-called OCR technology, i.e. the optical character recognition which has now become something very simple to implement, even with free software.
Below we see 5 ways of capturing text from images on a PC, using programs or, better yet, using online services.
1) Google Keep allows you to save and copy text from images in an ultra simple way from its website.
Going to Keep from the internet browser, after logging in with a Google account, just write a new note and press the button that adds the image from which we want to capture the text.
Once the image has been added, press the button with three dots at the bottom to find the "Recover text from image" option.
In this way, the text containing that image is added to the note in text form which becomes possible to copy and paste where you want or keep.
I remember that Google Keep is also one of the best OCR apps to recognize and extract text from images on Android and iPhone .
2) OneNote (from version 2016), the clipboard management program included in the Microsoft Office suite, allows you to extract text from images in a very simple way.
You just have to create a new note, add the image containing written words to it and then click on it with the right mouse button.
Among the context menu options is the one that " Copy text from image ".
You can then paste the text into any editor such as OneNote or Word itself or even the Windows Notepad.
3) EasyScreenOCR is a very simple program that uses Google's OCR technology to capture and extract text from images on Windows PC.
Once started, you have to press on its icon visible near the Windows clock on the taskbar in order to start scanning the screen you are looking at.
The program allows you to select an area of ​​the screen which is then photographed and then processed to capture the text and make it pastable on an editor such as Word.
In this way it becomes easy to quickly write a list of folders and files, the text found inside images on websites or on any other program used on the PC.
The program works well, it's free and requires that the PC is connected to the internet.
4) Free web applications to recognize text and capture it are:
- i2ocr.com, where you just have to choose the language, then upload the image and download the text.
- onlineOCR, which allows you to choose Italian, then upload the image and download the text as a word, excel or txt file.
- FreeOCR, similar to the other two, immediate and simple, to take the written text from the images with immediate recognition.
5) Thanks to some extensions and Google technology, you can also copy and paste text into photos, images and videos on the internet with Chrome
Finally, other programs allow you to Convert scanned sheets into images and PDF into editable texts .

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