6 Browser with free VPN included to open anonymous sites

As we should know by now, the best way to protect online identity is to use a VPN solution (virtual private network) that passes the connection to websites through external servers covering the real origin of the computer used. At the same time, thanks to a VPN connection, you can bypass the restrictions imposed by states and open any site even if blocked in your country. For example, therefore, if we wanted to access streaming content on sites that are not accessible in Italy, a VPN can be used to overcome the geographical block and simulate the connection from countries where those sites are not prevented, such as Switzerland or United States.
While there are many programs that allow anonymous internet access via VPN, as seen both in the list of free VPNs and in that of the fastest premium VPNs, in this new small list we see instead browsers with free, included and integrated VPN, without limits which, without installing other programs and completely automatically, allow you to activate anonymous access to websites with the possibility of choosing which country to connect to. In fact, this is the easiest and fastest way to have a VPN connection on your PC or smartphone .

UR Browser

UR Browser is one of the most recent and least known browsers, a novelty to be discovered, with some surprising features. In addition to the fact that it includes integrated VPN support, it also has some very powerful and effective functions to protect online privacy. UR Browser, based on Chrome, is really very fast to load websites, also because it blocks the scripts present on websites. Compared to Chrome, the UR browser does not slow down computer performance even with multiple tabs open, limiting the use of resources well. UR Browser also has an integrated antivirus scanner that scans all downloaded files, warns the user of a suspicious site before loading the web page, uses the https-protected version of all sites when available and uses RSA encryption to 2048 bit which guarantees the safety of navigation and the exchange of information. UR Browser also has a very nice initial tab graphically, with the news of the day (also Italian by pressing the flag at the top right), which can be customized with the choice of the background. Being based on Chrome, you can change the language in the settings to use Italian.
The VPN, which must not be disabled during UR Browser installation, is then activated using the round button at the top right of the main interface. The first time you need to register with an email address to create an account. Once you have received the confirmation email and clicked the activation link, you can use the VPN button and choose to pass the internet connection in a state like Canada, Switzerland, Germany or the United States .
Download UR Browser for PC and Mac

Opera Browser

Opera Browser is the best known of the browsers with VPN, which I have personally used for years to open anonymous sites and blocked sites such as those of games. Opera has its own VPN which can be activated, as explained in the dedicated guide, from the settings to make the button appear which turns it on and off with a click, without registration and without any configuration. Opera's VPN is not as fast as UR Browser's (at least at the moment). Opera's VPN can be used both in the PC and Mac version, and also in the Opera Mobile browser for Android and iPhone smartphones (although in this case it only works when you open a tab in incognito mode).
Opera is however a web browser complete with everything, with special tools and functions, which can also be used as the default PC browser.
Download Opera for PC
Download Opera Browser for Android and iPhone

Tor Browser

Tor is the most anonymous browser ever, which allows the internet connection to pass through random nodes located all over the world, covering the identity in a practically absolute way and without the possibility of anyone intercepting the connection. Tor is the number one tool for online privacy and in addition to unblocking websites, the Tor browser is the only browser that allows you to access Deep Web sites with the suffix .onion.
Download Tor for PC
Download Tor Browser for Android

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser, as its name indicates, is designed to keep your privacy protected in the best way. By pressing the umbrella icon at the top right you can activate all those privacy tools such as advertising blocking, tracker blocking, plugin blocking, privacy. Epic is based on Chrome and has the VPN (a proxy) integrated as an external extension. By pressing the button at the top right which has the shape of two red colored plugs to be attached, you can activate the free VPN with the possibility of choosing the country to connect to.
In addition to the integrated VPN, Epic Privacy Browser is also equipped with a Download manager that allows you to download audio and video from various sites without having to manipulate the URL.
Download Epic Browser for PC

Aloha Browser

Aloha is a mobile browser only for Android and iPhone that allows you to activate a free VPN similar to that of Opera, in order to bypass sites blocked in Italy by mobile phone.
We talked about this app in the Aloha Browser free VPN article for Android and iPhone .

Puffin Browser

Puffin is a very particular web browser, which does not provide a VPN but bases the connection to websites on its cloud. In practice, each connection is passed through Puffin's proprietary servers in the United States with the promise of being the fastest way to surf the internet. The end result, however, is to bypass every site blocked in Italy and browse anonymously (for everyone except for Puffin managers of course). Puffin is also the only mobile browser to view Flash sites.
Unfortunately Puffin for PC has become a paid program, while Puffin is free for Android and iPhone and is also the best browser for Fire TV Stick and Android TV

Use the VPN on Chrome

You can include a VPN in Chrome "> VPN extensions for Chrome, which I mentioned in another post. The fact remains that launching a browser like UR Browser or Opera ready with the active VPN is certainly simpler and more immediate. Furthermore, most of the VPN extensions have some limitations, while instead these browsers have no limits to their use.

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