8 iGoogle alternatives to keep sites and news on one page

Updated 1.11.13
The deadline for the disappearance of iGoogle has come and the personalized page of iGoogle has been closed to all since November 1st.
iGoogle was that type of modular website, where it was possible to preview the latest news from your favorite blogs and online newspapers, get a quick overview of the emails that arrived, the weather forecast, the horoscope, the Facebook updates, calendars, maps, lists and any other information you want.
The modular pages of iGoogle could be organized into tabs, so you could have a page for each of the interests, organizing the information and news as you wish.
On this personal page you can also change the graphic theme, the colors, the background and the size of the various squares.
Google has decided that its iGoogle service no longer has any sense of existence since people now use other ways to keep informed, even using their mobile phone and tablet.
In fact, many people have been orphaned of the personalized page and are looking for alternatives to use instead.
In this article we see all the alternative services to iGoogle, with a personalized page .
1) Google recommends replacing iGoogle with Google Chrome .
Chrome has the ability to add applications and customize its home tab in various ways via extensions.
In another article 10 extensions to improve the initial card .
2) MyYahoo has recently renewed itself as a serious alternative to iGoogle.
MyYahoo is almost identical to iGoogle and allows you to add your favorite sites so you can read the latest news from the feed.
By pressing the new content button you can choose one of the proposed sites or add a blog feed (to add Navigaweb.net you can use the feed //feeds.feedburner.com/navigaweb/updated ).
The novelty of MyYahoo is that you can add the Email, Gmail and even Facebook boxes in the boxes.
For the moment, however, a mobile version is missing.
3) Netvibes has always been the most attractive alternative to iGoogle, with many modules that can be added to its customizable dashboard.
To register you must choose a free account and then give a name to the new dashboard.
Subsequently the modules that are created automatically can be removed or modified by setting the Italian language.
You can also add website feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or other apps to have them on hand on the Netvibes web page.
A dashboard can also be shared with other people.
Netvibes can also be opened from mobile and smartphone with the mobile.netvibes.com version.
4) Startme is a service in Italian that offers itself as an alternative to iGoogle and allows you to create a personalized page in which to aggregate the latest news from your favorite sites.
Some of the most popular sites such as Youtube, Wikipedia, Il Meteo, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Repubblica and many others are already set up.
Of course, other sites can also be added, such as, of course, Navigaweb.net
5) igHome was developed with the idea of ​​creating another iGoogle, copying its graphic layout and simplicity.
Following in the footsteps of iGoogle, igHome allows you to add feeds and many gadgets of services such as Gmail, Calendar, bookmarks, maps, images, YouTube, Google Drive and even Feedly.
You can change the search engine (the default is Google) and also the links at the top of the black bar.
igHome.com is not affiliated or managed by Google, but copies every aspect of it becoming, for me, the best alternative to iGoogle.
You can also import feeds from an OPML list or exported from iGoogle itself.
There is also a mobile version at //www.ighome.com/mobile/ .
6) My MSN can be mentioned for completeness and for the fact that it is a Microsoft service but it is certainly not up to the situation.
However, you can add your favorite news sources, sports results, weather forecasts, stock quotes, traffic conditions and more to MyMSN.
Very similar to MyYahoo, MyMSN, however, has less customization and fewer applications to add, resulting somewhat limited.
7) uStart is a very modern page where you can keep the boxes with the preview of news from favorite sites, Gmail emails, Twitter, Facebook, Weather, Calendar and much more.
For its graphics, uStart is the most beautiful page to see among the various alternatives.
8) Symbaloo is a different start page from the others, which is divided into three different sections, one with links to favorite sites, one with feeds and one with news.
The home page made with logos is simple, cute and customizable with the ability to add new tiles.
Symbaloo, by its setting, is certainly the most cutting-edge and modern website, a cloud-based platform that allows you to save your favorite online sites, videos, articles, feeds and everything on the internet.
You can also add gadgets for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web applications.
There is also a plugin to import bookmarks and bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Delicious and Diigo.
Symbaloo is also available in a mobile version for mobiles and smartphones.
Symbaloo was mentioned in the article of the best start pages to start surfing.
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