Leave Facebook groups and Pages together at once

In this article we talk about a really special and useful extension for those who use Facebook every day and would like to make some basic operations faster such as leaving all the groups to which they have been added at once .
That of invitations in Facebook groups is really among the most irritating features of the social network, because there is no way to refuse and because anyone can create a group and add all his friends without having to receive confirmations or approvals.
If then, as I do, you disable the notifications from Facebook, you end up being added to many groups without even knowing it, except the fact of seeing posts from these groups in the flow of updates of the main page.
To exit the groups to which you are added, it is therefore necessary to go to the groups page, scroll down to the " your groups " section, press the button next to each group and press on Leave group, then again confirming to abandon it .
This process, if there are ten or more groups to abandon, is rather tedious and time consuming
Thanks to a special multifunction extension for Facebook, it is possible to abandon all groups in one go or even stop receiving updates from those who have added us but are not interested in us.
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The extension for Google Chrome is Toolkit for Facebook (for now disappeared), a set of tools for Facebook to speed up many operations that, otherwise, would take some time.
For example, this extension allows you to stop following multiple pages in one go, remove all the likes, stop following all the friends and then follow only those that interest us, send a message to many friends at once and a lot other.
The extension also contains the tool that hides the "displayed" in the messages, so as not to give read confirmation.
For our purpose, we are going to use the Toolkit for Facebook to leave all the groups at once, which is one of those things that I personally want to do even if it bores me a lot.
To use the extension, you just have to press the relevant button in the extension bar at the top right and then discover the tools tab.
Among the "tools", what we need to leave groups is Leave Multiple Facebook Groups .
Alternatively, you can choose the Unfollow Multiple Facebook Groups option to stop following them to not receive updates from them.
In both cases, a page will open that lists all the Facebook groups to which we are subscribed, with the possibility of selecting them via a switch.
Then select the ones to abandon or stop following and then press the green button at the bottom of the Start leaving groups .
Then leave the page open until a popup appears at the top that warns you about the conclusion of the operation.
Once finished, press the blue refresh group list button to check that all the selected groups have disappeared and, if someone has remained, select it again and repeat the operation.
In my tests, in fact, selecting too many elements seems not to be able to manage them all together in one go and a double or triple intervention is required.
To be sure that the toolkit works well in one fell swoop it is better to change the Select time interval between requests option by setting a value greater than 3 seconds, for example also 10 or 30 seconds, so that requests to Facebook are not blocked.
The operation will be longer, but it should be successful.
This type of operation can also be done to stop following the Facebook pages we are not interested in.
For pages, the buttons available in this toolkit for Chrome are Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages to remove the like from the pages or Unfollow, which keeps the like, but does not show more updates on our page.
Toolkit for Facebook is therefore a very useful tool for other functions to be discovered and it is certainly one of the best extensions for Facebook.
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