Log in to multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously

It often happens to have multiple accounts of the same website or application, maybe a Facebook account to use for serious things, the other to have fun, a Gmail account to receive important mail, one for spam and so on.
Imagining the Facebook site as an example, to enter with a different account on Facebook where I am already "logged in" you must first log out and log out and then log back in with the other account.
A similar case is that of a friend, a work colleague or a resident of our house who asks to access his account on our computer, forcing us to exit our account and allow him to enter with his.
The technical reason for this is that websites save session information in a cookie so even by opening that site in another tab or closing and restarting the browser, you remain connected to the online accounts in which you are logged in, at least for some time.
Whatever the reason for wanting to use two, three or multiple accounts of the same site, we see here, different ways to log in without having to log out of the main account, that is, how to access multiple accounts of the same site or online service, simultaneously .
1) Using private browsing
The easiest way to enter another account on the fly without leaving the first one and without going out is to open the same site in a private card.
The private or "incognito" mode of browsers is a tab that does not load cookies and browsing history, as the browser was opened for the first time.
Private browsing does not remember anything of the account you entered and forces you to re-enter your login and password every time, making it ideal for occasional guests to surf the Internet.
In another article the guide to open a private tab of Internet Explorer, CHrome, Firefox .
In summary, to make it soon, a private tab opens:
- In Firefox and Internet Explorer by pressing Ctrl-Shift-P
- In Google Chrome and Opera by pressing Ctrl-Shift-N
2) Using another browser
Having both Firefox and Chrome and Internet Explorer on the same computer, you can access three different accounts of Facebook, Gmail or any other site, each on a different browser.
This is also useful for using the same computer in the family without confusing the accounts and without having to disconnect each time (even if the browser profiles are more effective, see point 4).
3) If you want to use the same browser to access several accounts simultaneously, you can use a portable version .
The portable versions are executables that do not require installation and can be started several times independently in order to access, with each launch, a different account.
On the PortableApps website you can download the portable versions of Opera, Chrome and Firefox.
4) User profiles for browsers on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are the best way to separate internet browsing between people who use the same computer, with family or friends.
By creating a guest profile, it could be used for one-off access to different accounts.
5) Use extensions
On Chrome it is easy to access multiple accounts through some extensions.
For Chrome instead the extension that can be used is Session Box or Multi Login.
In practice, the accounts remain, if you want, also connected for future sessions by keeping session cookies, not as in the private mode where to log in you must re-enter the password every time.
Switching from one profile to another can be done with just one click.

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