Speed ​​up downloads from Chrome with Free Download Manager

Although the race between Chrome and Firefox as the best browser remains very open with frequent updates and progressive improvements, at present, Google Chrome still remains ahead, both for speed and usability, always coming first in finding new innovative solutions and features (which Firefox then go to copy).
For the moment, one of the weaknesses of Chrome remains the download management, never improved until now and too basic.
Those who download many files from the Internet will find some dissatisfaction by seeing how Chrome manages the downloads, with no possibility of being able to speed up the downloads, to resume them if they are interrupted and, above all, with the problem that, by closing the browser, every download is interrupted.
To improve and speed up downloads of large files from the Internet with Chrome it is better to use an external program, a download manager.
Among the best programs to manage downloads, the one that best suits Chrome is the Free Download Manager or FDM extension, free and without limitations.
Free Download Manager is one of the rare programs of this type that does not hide traps or sponsors in its clean and fast installation.
The program asks to run at the computer startup which can be disabled for the moment and re-enabled if you are satisfied.
FDM can also be installed as a program, in Italian, to make it work also with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Also during installation you can enable the BitTorrent client to download Torrent files.
Free Download Manager, as a program, works with almost all the main browsers and has two particular winning qualities:
- Accelerate file downloads by dividing them into sections
Sectioning a file allows FDM to download different parts of the same file at the same time.
This brings an increase in download speed of up to 600% or more, regardless of the browser you are using.
- Allows you to pause downloads to resume them later, even the next day.
The files are automatically positioned and organized and you can also add other categories and specify the file extensions to always save them in the right folder.
To use Free Download Manager with Google Chrome, after installation, you must close the browser and enter the program preferences from the Options -> Settings menu .
Click on " Browser control " and put the cross on Chrome and on Control in the background.
In this way, when you download a file from Google Chrome, it is intercepted by FDM and the download is managed outside of Chrome.
Integration almost always works, except for some websites.
In this case you can download manually using the main interface of the program.
To try and see how much faster the downloads are from the internet, reopen Chrome and download the 200 MB Stunt Rally game.
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