AdwCleaner 8 free to eliminate adware and spyware

If, on Windows PC, you often install free programs of the freeware type or in a trial or pirated version or even extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, there is a high probability that an adware, a toolbar or one has penetrated the system spyware which, even if it is not a virus, spies on the use habits of the PC for advertising purposes. The consequences of these monitoring activities may not be evident in most cases or may cause more advertisements to appear than normal on websites and divert searches to sponsored results.
Since removing these adware hides deep within Windows and is difficult to locate and remove, you need to use a program that is able to detect and delete them automatically.
This program is ADWCleaner, the best, the best against adware, completely free, which has now become a must-have on all Windows PCs, to be used frequently to clean the PC of any problem of this type.
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You can download Malwarebytes ADWCleaner 8 for free, a file of just 1.5 MB, from the official website or from the Bleeping computer website which is one of the most reliable computer security sites in the world. ADWCleaner was updated in 2019 to version 8, it works on every Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PC, no longer on XP and Vista.
Compared to the previous version, ADWCleaner 8 improves its graphical interface making it even simpler, with a scan button and a button to access the log files. The cleanup, uninstallation and donation options have been removed from the main interface. After the scan, the button appears to clean Windows of all detected adware and spyware . Furthermore, it is also able to detect the so-called PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) software, including the pre-installed programs when buying a new PC.
Using ADWCleaner is simple, even if it is not in Italian.
To run the program there is no need to install, but it may be necessary to authorize the SmartScreen filter and ignore the warning to be careful. Once opened, just press the Scan button to scan the system and see if there are things to remove. The adware scan is very fast and, at the end, shows the found elements are divided into various categories depending on whether they are services, folders, registry keys, scheduled operations, extensions of Chrome or Firefox.
It will therefore be necessary to check them all and select them one by one before pressing the Cleaning button (do not press the Uninstall button which is used to uninstall the ADWCleaner from the computer). Each removed item is moved to a quarantine list which can be accessed by pressing the tools button at the top. If a file you needed was removed by mistake (which is very rare), you can then restore it.
In addition to the normal scan, the new AdwCleaner 8 version also hides a series of Windows system repair tools under the Options menu to restore some network settings that may have been modified by adware or malware. These are accessible from the Tools menu, where they are selected one by one. The tools reset the proxy, Winsock settings, firewall settings, BITS queue, IE and Chrome policies, IPSec and TCP / IP settings. Basically, if the internet connection shows computer-dependent anomalies, these tools return the connection to its original functioning state. Once the tools have been selected, to run them, press the cleaning button.
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