Tile sites, tabs and windows on Chrome

Who uses Chrome has a thousand different ways to open windows, tabs and links: you can then open a link in a new tab by pressing the mouse wheel or you can lock the tabs by pressing on their title at the top.
Using the extensions you can activate varied and customizable navigation dynamics and, in another article, 10 extensions are listed to customize Chrome and navigation .
In this article we see three different extensions but with a similar goal: open a link or a website in a side by side window or see two sites on the same tab next to each other.
Sometimes it is very convenient to open a link in a separate section, next to the page you are reading, in order to keep both of them open on the screen simultaneously.
1) NiftySplit to open two Chrome tabs dividing the screen is the best extension.
You navigate by clicking the link on the left tab, changing the page on the right tab side by side.
2) INTAB for Chrome is an extension that adds to the menu that appears by pressing the right button on a link on a web page in order to open that link in the same tab, next to the current page.
The tab is divided into two content boxes which can be navigated independently of each other.
Once INTAB has been activated in Google Chrome, you can open the second box by right clicking on a link and then choosing the View with Intab option.
The nice thing is that you can change the size of the second content area manually by dragging the splitter bar to the right or left.
To close the second box, click on the X or press Esc on the keyboard.
3) With another extension called Tab to Window Keyboard Shortcut you can configure a shortcut of keys to open a tab next to the one already open.
To activate the extension, open the page chrome: // extensions / scroll down and press the Configure commands button to choose the key combination for the Tab to Window Keyboard Shortcut extension.
For example, you can choose the Alt-C key combination.
Pressing Alt-C you will notice how the current card will pass on the right side, next to another.
4) Another extension called Start Scissors is even simpler than the two mentioned above.
Start Scissors only works if two or more tabs are open on a Chrome window.
By pressing the button that appears at the top right with the scissors, the two tabs are automatically arranged in two windows side by side.
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