App to customize notifications on Android

The notification area is a fundamental element of every smartphone, where warnings, messages received and any type of event that requires the user's attention appear. In the notification bar there are also switches. It is therefore an important part of the phone that can be customized according to your tastes.
On Android, notification settings only allow you to manage the apps that can send them and little else. Fortunately, thanks to the numerous apps available, it is possible to really choose the preferred configuration, which is radically different from the default one, thus changing the appearance, method of receiving and interacting notifications .
So let's see the best apps to customize Android notifications on each smartphone.
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1) Material Notification Shade is the application to be used to make the notification bar identical to that of Android stock, that is, how Google made it in the original version of Android without the changes made by the manufacturer. In addition to changing the design, the app also allows you to use features like quick replies in message notifications, grouping notifications for the same app and adaptive wallpaper for music controls. You can choose between the themes of Nougat or Oreo, the dark or light mode, the background and many other personalization settings.
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2) Power Shade is an app by Notification Shade developers themselves, which allows you to edit notifications by changing shades, transparency, layout, background image and much more.
3) OneShade is a fantastic app that allows you to change the graphics of Quick Settings and notifications with modern and customizable graphics. You can change the color of the notification bar, icons and add buttons to the menu of quick switches. You can also change the position of the watch.
4) Notification Toggle is the best application to add a row of buttons to the notification bar. The buttons can be chosen in the settings, including the one to enable and disable wifi, bluetooth, location, to turn on the flashlight, to put airplane mode and so on.
This is one of the apps to add button bars and ON / OFF switches on Android
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5) Quick Settings allows you to customize the buttons of the default Android push-button panel, the one obtained by pulling the notification bar downwards. It also adds several additional controls over those already present on Android. There are also many other useful actions and commands, such as caffeine to prevent the screen from turning off, the dice to make a random dice roll and several other delicious things.
6) Shouter is the application that reads notifications aloud, ideal for those who are often in the car. You can choose the apps to activate in Shouter to customize the information you want to receive.
7) nBubble is a nice application to customize notifications on Android in an original way. nBubble adds a persistent floating bubble through which to view notifications. There are all the quick buttons inside the bubble and many customization options for the floating window.
8) Flash Alerts allows you to receive notifications with the flash light If you do not have a LED on the phone you can have a signal of the receipt of alerts and messages using the flash light, which lights up when certain specific notifications are received.
9) Apus Message Center is an app to manage notifications of message apps in a centralized way, ideal for those who use multiple chats and messengers having them unified in a single app.
10) Overdrop is a weather app that displays the weather forecast on the notification bar, very convenient for those who want to always have them under control.
11) Notification sounds is the app to choose different sounds when receiving different notifications, in an easier and faster way than you can do, app by app, in the Android settings.
12) Notification Blocker NCleaner is an important app that allows you to quickly get rid of unnecessary notifications that occasionally appear. It is true that in the Android Notification settings you can choose not to show notifications for some apps, but with NCleaner this work is simpler and more effective, especially to remove those persistent notifications that the same Android system sometimes makes appear .
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