Applications for Nokia Symbian free to download

The Symbian operating system is, or perhaps was, the most used platform on smartphones and cellphones around the world, compared to Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and the new Android systems that is making headway especially on HTC phones.
Symbian is the operating system installed on, I believe, all or almost the Nokia phones of the last few years and is also present on some Sony Ericsson and Samsung smartphones .
In short, Symbian has always gone strong even if lately it is suffering from the competition of systems more beautiful to look at and richer in applications.
However, since Nokia is expected to react to the competition and since Symbian is also widespread in Italian cell phones, we see here the best applications and the most useful programs to install on Nokia and other Symbian phones, whether they are touchscreens or no.
1) Jbak Taskman is a free program to be installed on the mobile phone which replaces the poor default task manager.
Unfortunately Symbian, when opening the address book or messages or the web browser, requires that the program be closed otherwise it remains in memory.
Jbak provides a minimal and clear interface from which you can see the list of running processes, the memory occupied and also the hidden processes of the system which, however, it is not recommended to touch.
From this task manager it is possible to terminate the applications left open with the Kill key.
There is also a handy feature for putting applications to run automatically so that programs start automatically when the phone is turned on.
2) Facebook mobile to chat on mobile
3) Opera Mobile
To browse the web from a Nokia mobile phone, the browser to be used is Opera Mobile, the best and fastest program for browsing websites.
Opera Mobile allows you to visit your favorite sites by selecting them from a start screen and uses a web page compression technology that allows you to reduce the amount of data downloaded and allows you to consume less if you use consumption tariff plans.
4) Skype
The most famous program to make calls in Voip took some time to arrive on Symbian phones but finally it is now possible to download and install for free.
With Skype it is theoretically possible to call for free or, in any case, to call fixed numbers at lower rates than those charged by Italian mobile phone providers.
You can also chat with other Skype, send and receive files, send SMS and can stay in the background by turning your mobile phone into a Skypephone.
5) Skyfire
This browser is not supported by all Symbian phones but only by the newest ones.
The difference with Opera is that SkyFire is the only browser for surfing the internet that supports Flash technology and therefore allows you to watch streaming videos from Youtube, animations and online games present in some flash sites (not all of them work well).
It is not a substitute for Opera because it is not yet a browser of the same level but it is essential to watch Flash content from a mobile phone.
6) Waze
If up to a few years ago, TomTom could be installed (for a fee) on Symbian phones, now that this is no longer supported, you can instead download and use the Waze gps navigator which provides free maps and is absolutely free.
I wrote about Waze in the article on " GPS Navigator with free mobile maps and real-time traffic ".
Many other programs and applications can be downloaded for free, for Nokia Symbian and for all types of mobile phones, from the website which provides a catalog of all the programs according to the mobile phone and indicates the free ones, distinguishing them from the trial, demo ones. and therefore for a fee.
Getjar is an exceptional site for java applications and also games to be installed on any smartphone or mobile phone, which divides programs into categories, and allows immediate download without any registration, either from mobile phone or computer.
Other important apps that were in the now closed and defunct Ovi Store are:
1) WhatsApp is the app for free messaging with everyone.
2) Here Maps is the best app to find directions and use Nokia as a gps navigator all over the world, for free.
3) The weather to know the weather conditions.
4) Skype, which allows you to make calls in Voip then using the internet, without spending money.
5) Nimbuzz is an exceptional program to have chats on mobile, Messenger and Facebook included.
6) Bright Light is the flashlight for mobile phones that have flash.
7) Flash Light always acts as a torch but using the mobile phone screen, with colors of your choice.
8) ScreenSnap takes screenshots saving anything that appears on the screen as images.
9) Twitter for tweeting
10) Viber to make free calls
There are many other interesting and free applications on the Nokia OVi Store, just to name them we have Qik, Shazam, Bolt, X-Plore, VNC and if you want to say which are the favorite applications of the Nokia Store, let us know.

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