Always open certain sites incognito (Chrome) or anonymous (Firefox)

We all have a list of websites that we always want to open in incognito mode with Chrome or in anonymous browsing if you use Firefox.
There are many reasons to use incognito browsing, for example not to memorize the visit to an embarrassing site or to open Facebook or Gmail with another account or to circumvent a paywall like that of Corriere Della Sera.
If we use anonymous or incognito browsing with the same sites often or daily, it is possible to make it automatic on Chrome and Firefox thanks to two excellent and simple extensions to install.
Basically, when you click on a site selected from the bookmarks bar or by writing its address, it automatically opens in a private window, which leaves no traces, as if it were the first time.
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For Google Chrome you can install the Incognito Filter or Auto Incognito Mode extension which allows you to create a list of websites to be opened automatically in incognito mode .
The addresses of the sites can be done manually or you can open a site by typing its address and then press the button of the extension to add it automatically.
You will only have to select whether the site is HTTP or HTTPS.
The extension is in German but has only one button which is the one to press to add a certain website to the list.
Each added site can also be given a Name, which is what appears by pressing on the extension, in order to hide the list of sites that you always want to open incognito.
Then try to open a site added to the list and note that the tab automatically closes in Chrome to open in an incognito window.
For Firefox you can instead use the Open in Private Mode extension, a simple add-on that provides a button to open the tab displayed in private mode.

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