Open two Chrome tabs by dividing the screen

Looking at a browser like Opera you can discover some still unique features among all browsers. Among the best features is to place the tabs side by side to see two sites together on the screen divided into two parts, one on the right and one on the left.
To have the same function on the new version of Opera, but above all on Chrome you can install an extension called NiftySplit .
Then install NiftySplit on Chrome or Opera 15 and later (see how to install Chrome extensions on Opera) to get a new menu item when you right-click on a link.
For example, on this page, after installing NiftySplit, right click on the Navigaweb logo and choose the Open as NiftySplit Window option to open the home page of this site in a new tab, next to the one you are reading. Each click on the left tab opens a different page on the right. In practice you can navigate, however, always keeping an open page on the left.
This mechanism works with any website and in a fully automated way divides the screen into two distinct windows with the same dimensions .
The screen is divided into two sections: the main page on the left and the link just clicked on the right. This is particularly useful, especially for those with a large screen, to open two sites together and read them simultaneously. The nice thing is that, in an absolutely natural way, if you then close the tab next to the right, the first gets back to full screen. NiftySplit also has options to customize the size of open windows by dividing the screen in two.

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