Open Internet Explorer in Chrome and Firefox

Each of us uses his favorite web browser to surf the internet: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome to name the three most popular.
Beyond which is the best browser for performance tests, for the opinion of the experts and for your personal judgments, the advice is certainly to keep them installed all three.
This is because some websites (like many business applications) work only on Internet Explorer while other sites load well only in Chrome and Firefox while on IE they give problems.
Thanks to some extensions it is possible to use two browsers in one, so as to open websites with one, simulating the display of another instead.
Specifically, it is possible to embed Google Chrome into Internet Explorer and it is possible to put Internet Explorer into Firefox or into Chrome .
To have access to the Internet Explorer view mode without having to open it separately, you can put Internet Explorer inside Google Chrome or inside Firefox.
On Firefox, the IE Tab add-on no longer exists.
IE Tab now exists only for Google Chrome but it is not the same because it inserts a frame at the top and does not render as with Firefox.
This addon allows you to view sites with the Internet Explorer rendering engine .
The extension installs like a button next to Omnibar and allows you to switch between viewing a site between Chrome and IE.
After installation, the icon appears at the top right and, by clicking on it, you switch to the display of Internet Explorer.
By right-clicking on it you access the settings window where you can specify which sites should always open only with the Internet Explorer engine.
Other options allow you to choose whether to open the web page in Internet Explorer mode in another tab or not.
Some websites can be configured to open with IE graphics rendering automatically.
A particular effect of this extension is that even if you remain connected to the Google account, IE mode allows you to log in with another account temporarily.
By going to IE mode, you disconnect from any site that has requested a login and password.
In another post instead we talk about Lunascape, the browser all in one with IE, Chrome and Firefox together .

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