Open each blocked or obscured site in 6 ways

The Internet, as it was born and how it is designed, should be a free network of content accessible from all over the world without distinction. However, such a big thing could not remain uncontrolled and unruly, therefore, depending on its nature, a site can be visible only in one country and not all over the world, perhaps for reasons of censorship or because of the rights of diffusion of multimedia content (such as a film or video) whose copyright is not extended worldwide.
You can still access a blocked or obscured site in Italy, for example if visible only from the USA or from another country, with simple tricks, extensions or all automatic programs that make it really easy to bypass any geographical restriction of the internet.
1) Connect via VPN
VPNs are the most convenient option to bypass any restrictions on the internet and visit all sites freely and also the best way to protect online privacy.
A VPN creates a tunnel through an encrypted connection to a chosen server, so that access to the blocked site takes place through this server.
Since VPN servers need a lot of bandwidth to be able to satisfy many requests from all over the world, they are usually paid services, except for some exceptions that we talked about in the article on the best VPNs to surf the internet without barriers, also reporting several services that can be used for free for a limited period of time.
Among these, they may recommend trying Tunnelbear, a very simple program with an On / Off switch and a search for free bandwidth that should be enough for occasional use.
Betternet is also excellent for unblocking blocked sites and seeing all the internet freely.
2) Opera VPN
If most commercial VPN services are free only for a certain period of time or for a certain amount of use, Opera's VPN is free and without limitations, not even in the speed of the internet connection (and it is also excellent for opening videos in streaming).
As seen, Opera's VPN can be activated for free on PC. Note that Opera claims to sell data about the connections that pass on its VPN, but it does so anonymously, without having them associated with a specific user. If you wish, you can keep Opera's VPN always active.
NOTE: unlimited VPN on Android and iPhone smartphones can be installed with the Aloha Browser app (Before there was Opera also on smartphones, now no longer).
3) TOR
If you don't like control over your connection by a company like the one that manages the VPN, TOR is the program to be anonymous in a complete and guaranteed way that even the government can no longer know who we are and where we come from. We saw in another article the guide to surf with foreign ip with TOR and see blocked sites. The defect is that of a slow speed connection.
4) Via DNS
Sometimes, to see each site blocked or obscured, all you need to do is change the DNS on the router or on the computer to be able to open it, without installing any programs and without changing configurations.
For example, in some cases, it is sufficient to use Google's international DNS to eliminate any blockage on a site seized or made unreachable for reasons of legality.
To have even more ability to bypass obscured sites, you can use Cloudflare's DNS, also free for smartphones.
5) Using Web Proxy
With proxies, it is possible to cover the IP address by making the connection appear to come from another country. Proxies can be IP addresses to be set on the browser or simple sites that allow you to open the requested web pages within them.
We have seen in another article the best free web proxies for browsing blocked sites
6) Hola is perhaps the simplest, as well as free, VPN program that you can find to access every website from your computer without any geographical block.
You can install Hola as an extension for Chrome and Firefox where a button is added to activate or deactivate the service with a click. If you come across a site that says " is not available in your country " then you can activate Hola and reload it, this time successfully. Hola works by sharing part of the bandwidth of all users to improve the overall loading speed of any online content. The flaw of Hola is that the company spies on users in a not too veiled way, therefore, if you use Hola, it is better to enable it only when it is really necessary to access a blocked site.
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