Open Whatsapp via website on PC

Whatsapp is finally available for PC, officially, through a web application, without downloading anything.
To access Whatsapp via the web from any computer, Windows, Mac or Linux, you must already be registered with the chat with a mobile phone number registered via the smartphone app, both Android and iPhone .
You can then chat with friends, as if using the mobile phone, directly from the PC and open Whatsapp from the with Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera .
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Before opening Whatsapp via the web, you need to install the latest version of the application by downloading the update already available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia S60 .
From the smartphone you will then have to open the application and go to the main menu of options where you will see a new item " Whatsapp Web ".
Then press OK on the box that opens and notice that the camera opens.
So leaving the smartphone, then open the website // on the PC using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, point the camera of the mobile phone to scan the QR code shown, framing the monitor and, automatically, the chat will open with past conversations on the left that can be reread and resumed.
Note that conversations have the symbols of received message (double v) and read message (double v colored blue).
Voice messages and emoticons can also be sent by clicking the relevant buttons below.
From the link at the top left you can activate Whatsapp notifications on your computer, so that, when you receive a new message, Chrome can send a notification that will appear at the bottom right of the screen.
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By clicking on the message button, at the top right, you can start a new conversation with a contact and chat with him from the computer.
If you click the options button represented by three vertical dots always at the top right, you can change some settings such as notifications (whether to activate or deactivate them and whether to make a sound heard), the profile picture and the status.
An important thing to note is that Web Whatsapp on PC only works if the phone is connected to the internet in the meantime.
The web version of Whatsapp in fact acts through the application of the smartphone so if it is not connected you will not receive new messages and, at the same time, the messages sent remain in the queue, waiting to be sent when it finds a connection from the mobile phone.
On the smartphone application, by opening the Web Whatsapp option, you will see when the last access was made from the computer.
If you want quick access to Whatsapp from the computer desktop, you can open the web with Chrome, press the Chrome menu button (the three lines at the top right), go to Other tools and then to Create application shortcut .
You can then click the Whatsapp icon on the desktop to open the chat directly, as if it were an application or a computer program .
Finally, from the web chat it is also possible to download the contacts directory of Whatsapp, as seen in another article.
Attention only that through Whatsapp Web you can spy on other people's messages.
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