Best articles and news of February 2020

The best Technology and IT articles published on are divided into two sections: the best written in February 2020 and the most read of the site, in general, in February.

Best articles in February

  1. See all the devices connected to the wifi network
  2. If the computer has to be restarted due to a critical kernel error
  3. How to know if it's a Smart TV
  4. How to use the FRITZ! Box modem on an FTTH fiber optic network
  5. How to connect Alexa to TV
  6. How to customize Alexa for a more interactive Amazon Echo

Most read articles in the last month

  • Whose cell phone number did you call?
  • Turn photos into Emoji with our emoticon face for Whatsapp and Facebook
  • App to try hairstyles cuts and hair color
  • Find address and name by phone number on unofficial lists
  • Design your home, decorate rooms and interiors in 3D with free apps
  • Best 10 free ringtones like classic loud phone ringing
  • App for walking, counts steps and calories, distances and times
  • Control your TV with your Android phone with the remote control apps
  • App to watch TV on mobile (Android and iPhone)
  • Translate written with the camera in real time (Android and iPhone)
  • Add date and time on the screen of the Android phone
  • App to measure distances with the camera of the Android phone

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