Activate the click to play to have Chrome stable and navigate without crashing and safer

We have tried multiple solutions to secure web browsers and to prevent errors from occurring while browsing, but in the end the best solution is always the most radical one.
Since the problems for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox derive from external plugins such as Flash and Java and given that above all the first is a fundamental plugin to surf the internet, instead of deactivating plugins or installing extensions that block everything, you can enable that which in Chrome is called " Click To Play ".
In this way we are going to definitively resolve what can be considered the most annoying error of Chrome " Shockwave Flash does not respond ".
This error occurs especially when you are watching a video on Youtube in Google Chrome or on sites that have too much advertising, when suddenly a yellow notification bar appears at the top which indicates an error of the Shockwave Flash plugin.
Even if Chrome has incorporated Flash inside it and Google developers do everything to improve its stability, the error, after years, does not really seem to be solved.
As written in another article, the easiest solution to the ShockWave Flash crash on Chrome is to completely disable the internal Chrome plug-in and use the external Adobe plug-in.
As reported, however, this is only one way to keep Chrome active and not to block the entire browser, but it does not really solve the problem.
Fortunately on Chrome (and soon it will also be present on Firefox by default) you can enable "click to play" or the execution of plugins on demand, only when necessary.
In this way, every flash or java element of a web page is not loaded until the user clicks on it with the mouse.
On the web pages, gray squares with " Click to run Adobe Flash Player " may appear.
It also avoids the appearance of those annoying full-page advertising banners, without having to install heavy and intrusive extensions, thus making Chrome safer as well as more stable and faster to load.
Click to play blocks only the elements of the plugins and not the javascript or the automatisms that make the web more beautiful to see and navigate (like animated menus).
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To activate the Click-to-play on Chrome write on the address bar chrome: // settings to open the Chrome settings page (or use the menu with the three horizontal lines at the top right), click on Show Advanced settings - > Content settings (under Privacy) and then scroll down the list and choose " Click to Play " under Plugin .
UPDATE : A third option in Chrome has now been added to this menu to disable only non-essential and non-central Flash content, thus letting the main videos or animations run normally.
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It should be noted that YouTube, probably the most important streaming video site in the world, no longer uses Flash but HTML5.
The click to play therefore has no effect on Youtube and the videos can be uploaded immediately, without problems.
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