Automatic Auto-Scroll down a site

Autoscolling is a feature absent in all browsers, but extremely useful for those who read long newspaper and blog articles.
In practice, without using the mouse or even the keyboard, you can make sure that an open web page can scroll down automatically, with the desired speed, so that you can read it in peace until the end.
A little known trick, but within everyone's reach, is to be able to activate the automatic scrolling with the mouse.
Only on Windows (not on Mac and Linux), in fact, you can press the central button in the center of a web page making the cursor a multidirectional viewfinder.
Then moving the mouse in a direction away from the starting point of the viewfinder, the page begins to scroll automatically towards that side, more or less slowly depending on the distance the cursor moves.
By moving it a little down, the page will start scrolling automatically and slowly, while moving it a lot the scrolling will become fast.
To improve this function, also have it on Mac and Linux or even if you use a mouse without a central button, you can use a bookmarklet, or a button to put in the bookmarks bar, which when pressed starts scrolling the page.
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The bookmarklet, unlike an extension, is a button that must be added to the browser's favorites bar and contains a code that is activated when you press on it.
The bookmarklets work on all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer and others and in another article we had already written about the best bookmarklets for browsers.
To use this automatic scrolling down, you must therefore enable the browser's favorites bar if not already present (press the CTRL-Shift-B keys to do before), press and hold on the link below of the "Autoscroll "and drag it to the bookmarks bar.
If done correctly, you will see a new favorite with the word Autoscroll.
By pressing on it at any time, you will see the page scroll down slowly .
While scrolling, you can press the keys 0 to 9 to change the scrolling speed and the Q key to deactivate it.
The author of the bookmarklet is Tim Harper
On Mac and Linux you can enable automatic scrolling in Chrome by installing an extension called Autoscroll
Once installed, you will see a multidirectional viewfinder icon in the extension bar, to the right of the address bar.
Then restart Chrome, press the right button on the AutoScroll extension icon to open the Options where you can decide the pixel range to activate the automatic scrolling.
On each page like this one, you can press the middle mouse button to activate automatic scrolling.
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