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One of the most popular and used among the free antivirus programs, AVG, has been updated these days, to the version AVG Anti-Virus Free 2019 and AVG Internet Security 2019 which is the paid version.
AVG is now an Avast-owned antivirus, which is already developing the other popular free antivirus, Avast.
The installation of the AVG antivirus must be done on a computer where another antivirus program is not already installed.
In the custom installation procedure you have to disable the annoying toolbar and the "Secure" search provider which is useless.
In this new version there is also an add-on called AVG Zen, completely useless and not to be selected.
The interface of the new AVG appears very modern and easy to use, with all the buttons to access the options for scanning the system and updating the software.
From the advanced settings section you can change the configuration, add exceptions to the check, run an anti-rootkit scan and other things.
AVG 2019 also includes a function to identify one of the most hateful threats: the fake antivirus, the one that cannot be removed from the computer without buying the license.
The 2019 version fully supports Windows 10 and has cloud protection so you can detect viruses more quickly, even if they are still unknown threats, using the cloud engine (i.e. online).
AVG Antivirus 2019, as in the previous version, has a PC Analyzer, for cleaning Windows and for system maintenance, which corrects registry errors, deletes obsolete and junk files and cleans up broken links.
An interesting tool added to the new version of AVG is the monitoring tool that warns the user if a web browser is taking up and consuming too much memory.
In addition there is also WiFi Guard to control wireless networks.
In the event of overloads, AVG proposes to restart the web browser (be it Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and solve the bottleneck problem.
Linkscanner, the integration tool for website control, also adds a function to optimize the internet in case you see Youtube videos and when you download from the Download.com website.
AVG 2019 has also been lightened as a size and allows you to disable unnecessary components.
Let's go to the downloads :
Those who already have AVG Antivirus can update the new version from the Tools menu.
Those who want to try this free antivirus can download the version of AVG free in Italian from this page which contains the download links with online installation or with offline installation, for 32bit and 64bit Windows.
The difference is that, if you download the 3MB installer, then the download of the program occurs during the installation procedure.
If you download the 150 MB file you can keep it to install AVG even without internet connection.
AVG Antivirus 2019 is one of the best antivirus, this is out of the question, both because it is free as well as Avast and Avira, both for its decades of experience, and for the known reliability it has guaranteed over the years, with detection of threats in real time and updates Frequently.
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