Browser backup to save settings and favorites (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

If you are among those who have read, other goodness, other articles of this blog, you have a very clear and crystalline concept of what a browser is, what it is used for and which are the best among the software for surfing the web pages.
If, however, the concept was not too clear, I recommend reading the article on which are the best browsers which, beyond my personal opinion, should make us understand what it really is for today.
The importance of the internet browser has in fact increased in recent years especially with the transition from desktop applications to web based applications.
Web browsers therefore can no longer be considered simple tools with which to browse newspapers online or with which to search on Google but can be used for a wide range of services and programs that work without installing additional software on the PC.
UPDATE: Using an external program to backup browser settings and favorites is now useless because every modern browser has the backup function on its online account.
To find out how, refer to the article on how to synchronize browser data and passwords on each device .
Taking note of this, it is necessary to know that a browser stores online browsing information including the settings of these web applications which can be customized as if you were using a program installed on your computer.
In the same way as normal programs it is therefore important to keep this data safe and make it recoverable even if the PC crashed or if multiple PCs were used in different places and places.
Although the configuration settings of web applications and online data can be included in the incremental backup procedures that can be activated with one of the programs recommended in another post, however, if you have never made a regular and rapid backup plan, it can be better to save a backup copy of browser settings and memory only.
For each browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari, there are different possibilities for data backup but here I prefer not to make a list of them, indicating a single program that works with everyone.
FavBackup 2 is a free, portable, lightweight software for Windows that allows fast and easy backup of browser settings, whatever it may be, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
FavBackup is software for the Windows operating system that supports the five popular web browsers listed above.
Users can use FavBackup to backup and restore settings, files and data stored by the browser while browsing the internet and using web applications.
The FavBackup program is downloaded and used directly, without installation, thus giving the possibility of being able to copy it to a USB stick to always carry your personal settings and saved data with you.
FavBackup displays a list of options, in its interface at startup, which include creating a backup copy for a single browser .
Therefore, if you want to backup all of them, you have to proceed one by one while, if you want to make backup copies of different versions of the same browser as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you must use the "Safe Backup" option.
On the next menu page instead you can choose the items to save nice backup : Favorites / bookmarks, Cookies, La Cache, the current session, the extensions or plugins (for Firefox or Opera), the history, the links visited, the last browsing data, thumbnails of previews of the most viewed sites and all preferences and general settings.
An interesting aspect of the program is that you can save all these things because then, during the restore procedure, the menu is the same and you can also choose only one of the listed items.
For example, it is possible to restore only bookmarks or cookies even if a full browser backup was made.
An excellent advantage (implemented in the new version) is that it allows the backup of settings and favorites even of portable browsers
An alternative is the free KLS Mail Backup program that makes a backup copy of both mail clients (Outlook express, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Messenger) and Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers.
A third very easy-to-use program used to save a copy of the favorites and all the settings of any browser is BookmarksBackup .
This allows you to save data from Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera and Firefox, make a copy of it in a .zip file that can also be restored to other computers, when you want.
In another article, it says how to put your favorites in order by eliminating duplicates, duplicates and links that no longer exist and work from the browser bookmarks.

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