Black Friday: How to find real deals on Amazon

Black Friday, born in the USA as a day of big shopping after Thanksgiving, has now become a great event all over the world thanks to Amazon, which with its online trade takes advantage of the opportunity to launch large discounts on many products and expand the market.
Black Friday has thus become, on Amazon, the week of Black Friday, starting from Monday to Sunday, launching new offers every hour on many products, especially those of the same Amazon or the Amazon Basics line, already very convenient.
While all this is certainly very nice and advantageous for everyone, so much so that in every technology site you can find tips for purchases on Amazon often updated and with all the details on prices, there is still the usual problem of the sales of each store, that is, to understand if the discount is actually true .
Unfortunately, even on Amazon the most classic commercial trick of the sales is used, that of pumping the actual price and making the discount seem much higher than the one then really applied, if there is one.
Personally, I also happened to buy something thinking it was a good deal and then find out, the days after Black Friday or Prime Day, that in reality that was the normal price of that product or that I had actually saved just a couple of days. 'EUR.
So how do you understand, not only on an occasion like Black Friday but also in general, what are the real offers and what discounts are actually real and, as should be their nature, only temporary and to be taken advantage of in short time "> Buy from the Amazon Discount Pages with promotions and offers
Amazon's true offers are always those of the Timed Offers section.
On the page of the offers of the day, you will therefore find products with real discounts, which last only a few hours or until midnight of the current day.
On occasions like Black Friday, the day's offers page will have many more products than usual.
Sometimes the flash offers expire in case the stocks of that product run out, in this case you will find the product not available with the wording 100% on the bar on the right side.
For those who are subscribers to Amazon Prime, flash deals appear half an hour earlier, giving a certain advantage in the event that the products are in great demand and limited in number.
What is important to know in the case of a product with a discount is that what is described as the recommended price may not be the real one .
If the difference between the recommended price and the current one can be really wide giving the feeling of making a great deal, you must always be wary because that product, almost certainly, is never sold at the recommended amount but always less.
To understand, therefore, if an offer on Amazon is real, you need to use a price verification tool in the past days and months .
We have already seen this in the article on Chrome and Firefox extensions to follow prices on Amazon and we have identified the best in Keepa, free and automatic.
Keepa can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera (same extension as Chrome).
Browsing the pages of Amazon products with the Keepa extension installed, you can see, just below the description, a graph of the price trend in recent months, excellent for realizing if you have to take advantage of it immediately because the price has never been so low, or if it is better to wait.
The graph also indicates the times when that product was sold with a flash offer and the price when it is sold used.
Below the graph you can see the global price statistics and the cost of that product in the other Amazon stores (to see if it is better to buy it, for example, on
Keepa can also be used on the site, where the main page lists the products that are truly on offer on Amazon, ordering them by the percentage of price drop recorded today compared to the average price.
The comparison between the average price and the current price will give a clear and true indication of the discount of the moment.
The Keepa website can also be used to receive notification if there is a discount on a desired product by creating a wish list that becomes essential especially on the days of Black Friday or Prime Day.
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