Browser to choose from for those who want it light, fast, safe or modern

On the Windows PC of browsers to surf the internet there is a wide choice, ranging from the most popular Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge, to lesser known programs that may instead be more suitable in certain circumstances.
Also to try something new, since this blog was created to give advice on how to surf the internet for good, here we see a sort of summary to find out which browser to choose if you want the fastest or the lightest one, or the more safe and secure or even the one with more modern features and more beautiful to look at .
1) Browser to choose for those who want it to consume less RAM
We know well that Chrome and Firefox are big browsers, which consume a lot of RAM on the computer because they are full of functions for some even superfluous.
those who want to use a browser as light as possible, perhaps on an old or cheap PC, can choose one of the lightest browsers for PC already listed in another article.
Among these, you could choose one like KMeleon, or Midori, QupZilla or GreenBrowser, really small and essential, which uses little RAM and still remains fast.
Since these are minimal browsers, which as such may have some shortcomings, the choice is very personal.
2) Browsers that consume less battery
As for the use of the battery, if you use the laptop around a lot, the browser to choose is the one inside Windows, then Edge on Windows 10 or Internet Explorer in Windows 7 and 8.1.
Already in another article we have seen that Internet Explorer and (even more) Edge consume less battery because they take advantage of the energy saving setting of Windows, which other browsers cannot use.
Microsoft Edge therefore tops the battery usage charts on laptops and mobile devices.
3) Browser to choose for those who want security
Just in a recent comparison we have seen that the safest web browser is Chrome for two main reasons: because it is very fast to cover bugs with timely updates and because it includes a sandbox that isolates any malicious codes from the system.
4) Browser for those who want privacy
Privacy is a different concept than security.
It is one thing to have a browser that protects the user from malware and viruses, one cons is to use a browser that is not monitored externally.
In terms of privacy, Chrome is definitely not the number one, since Google collects usage data.
The best private browser that protects privacy is therefore Tor Browser, which keeps the internet connection anonymous and untraceable or even Epic Browser, less known but rather powerful in terms of privacy protection, thanks also to an integrated proxy.
By merging points 3 and 4 and finding a balance between privacy and security, the best choice could be Chrome, with security extensions for Chrome (especially HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger).
5) Browser to be used to navigate also obscured or blocked sites in Italy
While for each browser it is possible to use a VPN that bypasses geographical restrictions, Opera with its unlimited free VPN is the best choice for free surfing as if you were in the USA or another country and therefore avoid all those blocks that can prevent the browsing on those sites obscured by judges, government authorities and postal police.
6) Browser to choose if you want to surf fast
Even if we have seen how Chrome and Firefox are fast if opened without extensions and plugins, they are still lower, in terms of speed, than what can be considered the fastest browser, Slimjet.
Slimjet is a browser based on Chrome, so optimized that it absolutely deserves a try.
7) Browser to choose from for those who want something modern and new
The most modern and efficient today is certainly Vivaldi, the ideal browser for the most demanding.
Vivaldi is truly satisfactory in managing the tabs especially for the ability to view multiple tabs at once in a browser window and for the possibility of organizing the tabs in stacks ordered.
In addition to Vivaldi, we must remember the spectacular Opera Neon browser, certainly the most original and newest of the browsers, which uses a completely new and truly original concept to try.
In conclusion, my default browser is Chrome, both for extensions and for synchronization with the Google account which is very convenient for me.
Of course I also installed Tor Browser for anonymity, Opera for the VPN and Firefox as a secondary browser.

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