Lighter and portable browsers to use on any PC

In this last year, applications, programs and operating systems can almost all be used without having to install them on the PC but simply by copying the files. If the program is copied to a USB stick or an external drive, it is called portable because it can be carried in your pocket and used on any PC. Since then an 8 GB pen now costs less than 20 Euros, it has become an object that almost everyone has, in which, most people, keep documents, photos and music but where, as mentioned, you can also bring programs and all-purpose software.
The most important portable or portable programs are listed in another article; here instead we see the category of browsers or software that allow you to write web addresses, to do searches on Google and everything related to internet browsing in general .
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In another post I had made judgments on the best browsers, considering only the most popular and used.
I guess the fact that there are many different browsers, not only Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari but also others that are very graphically beautiful and very quick to use, is somewhat surprising.
Since they are little used, they are also little mentioned in these pages however, if you think about the portability factor they all become options to consider and compete with the most famous.
1) Portable Firefox (Mac version) is the most used portable browser in the world and needs no introduction; with its plugins and extensions it is always the most complete and powerful browser to surf the internet actively, even if at the expense of speed.
2) KMeleon does not know anyone and I also never used it. In fact it is a very light and fast version of Firefox that makes an excellent impression also for its solidity and the fact that it never stops. Since it is highly customizable, both in graphics and functions, it also supports the famous add-ons for Firefox which have also been adapted for KMeleon.
3) QupZilla one of the lightest browsers based on the Webkit engine and Qt Framework, for Windows and Linux
4) In another article there are private browsers that delete browsing data, without saving the history or temporary files on the computer or without being localized.
Among them we mention: Tor Browser, a Firefox aimed at protecting privacy by hiding internet browsing, which contains the entire Tor package with Octopus, Vidalia and the TorButton button.
5) Portable Safari, the Apple browser, is obviously only for Mac
6) Opera portable USB is one of the best web browsers that exist in circulation, with a real population of fans who follow its developments but still little used in the world. We talked about Opera in another post and the portable version fully reflects the official one with the various unique functions such as downloading Torrent files, quick selection of sites, e-mail client and so on.
7) Slimjet, the fastest and lightest browser ever, even in 2017 and for Windows 10.
8) Google Chrome Portable (there are various versions and the best one is Chromium) is the Google browser, the best browser to use to visit websites on a regular basis. The Chrome portable download page is frequently updated with new developments and the continuous release of new versions so, if you choose this program, it should be favorited and visited frequently.
9) Midori is a browser on which I would like to dwell for a moment because it is really very valid, light and fast. The portable web browser is based on WebKit, which is also used by Google Chrome and Safari and guarantees great speed when loading each page. One of the biggest advantages of the Midori web browser is its low use of Ram memory resources, about 10 MB just.
It is probably the lightest browser I have seen to date and it is really recommended if you use computers with low memory and excellent to keep on a USB stick for fast loading and immediate surfing on the internet. The speed and low use of resources have no influence on the functionality of this web browser: tabbed browsing, session management, favorites management, the possibility of installing new extensions and userscript and graphic customization.
10) QTWeb is a portable browser different from Midori because it is not too light, it consumes more resources but has many more options to configure. For those who want something more full-bodied than the usual program.
11) SRWare Iron is practically Chrome without Google. Those who like Google Chrome but who are afraid of being tracked by Google every time you click, can use SRWare which makes privacy and navigation data protection its strong point.
12) Avant Browser offers mouse gestures, an RSS reader, an advertising blocker and filter for Flash animations, automatic filler of text and form fields, changing graphics and storing an online profile.
13) GreenBrowser adds many missing features for IE such as the blocking of advertisements, a download manager, the form fill to fill in the field name, surname and address in the registration forms and various other things.
14) Maxthon, popular browser also for Android phones, with many enhanced functions, light and modern.
I don't know if you already knew these browsers or if you are trying them, but I would like to know which one you prefer and, if I forgot some, report it as well!
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