Private browsers that protect privacy and do not transmit personal data

With Internet privacy continuously under attack and now almost impossible to maintain, let's see what can be done to browse websites, with at least almost 100% online privacy and anonymity. Unfortunately, the privacy problem is absolutely serious especially after the recent admissions, by the US governments and other countries and by web giants such as Facebook and Google, to have monitored internet activities worldwide, or for the purpose of "national security" or for commercial reasons.
The browser is the key program for surfing the Internet and is the one that must remain protected and safe from intrusions and espionage. The most common browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, excellent and safe, but not exactly perfect in protecting privacy.
There is an incognito mode for all browsers which however only serves not to store browsing data on the computer and not to protect privacy or make itself anonymous and hidden.
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We have seen, in another article, how not to be tracked online by sites by blocking the collection of personal data using some plugins and changing some options on browsers.
Taking a longer step we now see which browsers are already configured to maintain complete privacy when you want to surf the internet in private .
These are programs for surfing the internet that do not pretend to become the default browsers to always use, but which are useful to keep installed for occasional use, when you want to hide every trace of your online presence.
1) The Tor Browser
In documents leaked from Wikileaks, the NSA described Tor as the most effective online anonymity program.
The TOR project I have already talked about allows connected users to visit websites through numerous exchange nodes. In the end, when you connect to a website, it will never know which computer the connection started from. The TOR Browser is based on Firefox and, in addition to passing the connection over the TOR network, it has all the security settings at the highest level of security. Tor protects personal privacy and the ability to transmit information by disabling cookies, javascript, plugins such as Flash and Java and other extensions.
The browser directs Internet traffic through an international network of volunteer-managed nodes and covers each message transmitted online in different encryption layers, each decipherable by one of the passage nodes. A receiving node can display only the last intermediate node, up to the final node which decrypts the innermost layer of encryption and sends the message to its destination. It can be performed without installation (installation is only an extraction of files in a folder that can also be moved to a USB stick) and is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Tro Browser is also available for Android
2) Comodo Dragon is a Chromium-based browser that improves privacy and security features. Comodo Dragon allows you to block cookies and other spy scripts from websites, to avoid tracing the connection and to verify the goodness of the sites and the security certificates inside them.
3) Cliqz is a super private browser that integrates plugins like Ghostery to keep navigation impossible to track.
4) Epic Browser is based on Google Chrome and can be considered an improved incognito version. If it is not the online anonymity you are looking for, but only a way of not being checked by the sites you visit then you can use Epic which does not store cookies, does not save files in the cache, does not save the history and does not keep any others personal data. Epic also deletes the session data once closed. Internet searches are routed through proxies to prevent a history of searches being recorded using your IP address. Another advantage of Epic is the ability to hide the IP address and surf with a United States IP address making it possible to browse all blocked sites in Italy. Epic also has a function that allows you to control which online service is tracking us.

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