Change GUI and new tab background in Chrome

Google Chrome has updated these days to version 69 bringing with it visible changes to the interface, as has not happened for a long time.
Version 69 of Chrome is therefore a special update, also motivated by the anniversary of the 10 years since the birth of the Google browser, which over time has become the most used in the world.
Chrome has therefore changed the appearance of the top bar of the tabs, the address bar (where you can no longer see the initial part of the site addresses) and then also the page of the new tab, to which you can now change the background if not themes other than the default are installed.
Chrome 69 is therefore one of the few versions of the browser that makes changes to the user interface on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS PCs.
The edges of the tabs have been rounded in Chrome 69, the profile icon has been moved from the title bar to the bottom toolbar, next to the extension icons, the height of the title bar has been slightly reduced in the new version .
The shape of our tabs has changed so that the icons of open sites are easier to see, making it easier to navigate when opening many tabs.
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The graphical interface of Chrome can be changed from the current one by changing a hidden option on the experimentation page.
You then need to open a Chrome tab and paste this chrome: // flags / # top-chrome-md address
The option called UI Layout for the browser's top chrome allows you to choose the graphic interface style from one of the 7 available:
Normal, which restores the appearance of the previous Chrome (at least for the moment).
Hybrid, always for devices with touch screens
Automatic, unclear, probable.
Touchable : for touch and convertibles (Chrome OS)
Refresh and Touchable Material Refresh .
The Default option should activate the latter and display the new Chrome Material interface .
The Normal option, on the other hand, brings Chrome back to what it was like before the update .
Each option can be tried without problems, even if to apply it you need to press the key that restarts Chrome.
It must be remembered that these options, like all those on the experiment page or Flags, can be removed by Google at any time.
As for the graphics of the new Chrome tab, the one with the search bar and the most visited sites, it is possible to change the background by clicking the gear wheel located at the bottom right.
If this isn't visible, a theme may have been installed from the Chrome Web Store.
Then cancel the custom theme by going to Chrome settings, under the Appearance> Theme section and restore the default one.
If you still don't see the button that changes the background, open the Flags page instead using this address: chrome: // flags / # ntp-backgrounds and move the New Tab Page Background Selection option to Enabled .
To top it off, the new Chrome also has new graphics of what your favorite sites look like on the new tab, which are now shown with icons and which can be added and customized .
If you don't see this change, you can enable it once again in the Flags menu, by opening a new tab on the chrome page : // flags / # ntp-custom-links .
Put the New Tab Page Custom Links item on Enabled and press the key that restarts Chrome to apply the changes.
The new tab will now look different, with the icons of the most visited sites and the possibility to fix other favorite sites on the page by pressing the + button.
The sites already present can be removed or changed in the name using the menu with three dots that appears when you move the mouse cursor over it.
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