Change the colors, background and appearance of Facebook on your PC

The appearance of Facebook, with its white and blue colors, the same for everyone, even if it has been studied by the leading web design experts to have the maximum usability, not for this reason everyone must like it. Those who spend a lot of time on Facebook and would prefer to try a different graphic design can still install special extensions capable of changing not only the colors and the background, but also how the various menus and news lists appear, with the possibility of removing the sections superfluous.
Especially for Chrome, but also for Firefox, these special extensions allow you to customize colors, fonts, buttons and even the display of your profile . The changes only affect your PC, so any changes will obviously not be visible to friends. All this can be done using extensions that, after installing, allow you to change the style of the pages of the website .
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1) Color Changer is the best extension of this type, because it completely redesigns Facebook with a new personalized aspect. Once the extension is installed, you can change the colors and appearance of almost every graphic element, make the text much easier to read, change the way you view photos, the styles of the various sections and the button icons.
In addition, which is not a trivial matter, the advertisements are removed by freeing up the space of the Facebook site.
2) Facebook Purity is one of the most popular Chrome extensions to improve Facebook, which allows you to remove all unnecessary elements from the page's graphics, including sponsored posts and advertisements. FB Purity allows you to filter Facebook news, hide certain posts, photos and videos, disable autoplay videos, hide already read posts, apply new themes, change fonts, adjust the size, customize the background color and customize the user interface with the dark mode.
3) Facebook Flat is an extension for Chrome to transform Facebook graphics giving it a flat design, easier to read, removing banners and ads on the left side.
Consolidate groups, pages of friends and apps in subcategories, notify viral news suggestions and warn if a friend takes away the friendship.
4) Facebook Fixer improves Facebook on Firefox and Google Chrome, to modify anything you want on the Facebook site on your PC .
Among the numerous options of the extension, unfortunately all written in English, the main ones are those for modifying the " User Interface " and those under the heading " Display Tweaks ". You can therefore enlarge the entire space, remove the columns on the right and left, change the font, hide sections such as recommended news and much more.
5) Stylish for Firefox and Stylish for Google Chrome are the best extensions to fully modify the Facebook graphics and apply different backgrounds and colors .
After installing the plugin, you need to go to the website and choose one of the available graphic models, such as Facebook Dark, which turns the Facebook background black instead of white.
When choosing the graphic model you only have to be careful to install the updated ones and not the old ones that may not fit correctly. Both in Firefox and in Chrome you have to access the options of the Stylish plugin to enable, disable or uninstall a downloaded theme.
6) With Google Chrome, the Color Changer extension adds a menu item to the top bar of Facebook to change the background of the profile on your PC.

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