Change PC settings and wallpaper according to the time of day

Every day, the sun rises, marches across the sky and then slowly drops until it disappears.
So if the world changes depending on the movement of the sun, the appearance and brightness of the computer screen can also change depending on the time of day and how the sun is setting.
What I like to do is change some graphic and sound settings of the computer automatically according to the time, which is only a frivolity, but of good effect.
There are a variety of tools for a Windows PC to change the way the computer behaves during a day, settings such as the color temperature of the screen, the background or the volume.
The best program to change the screen brightness automatically according to how high the sun is out is F.Lux already described in another article.
This way of adjusting the brightness of the screen according to the time was very useful not to strain the eyes.
In practice, during the day the colors are colder and brighter while in the evening, when the sun goes down and artificial light is used, in order not to tire the eyes and avoid tears, the brightness drops and the colors become warmer.
The same thing can also be done on an Android smartphone with apps that adjust the screen brightness automatically.
If you use your computer late at night and feel awake when you should always be tired, this could be the reason.
A really nice thing is to change the desktop background so that you have a different one depending on the time of day .
This can be done on Windows 7 and Windows 10 from the settings to customize the wallpaper (in Windows 7 right-click on the empty desktop, in Windows 10 go to Settings> Personalization> Wallpaper )
You can then choose the Slide Show background option and choose the folder where the images to rotate are located.
To get more options you can also use programs to automatically change the PC wallpaper that remain running on the computer and that can be configured to download a new wallpaper every day.
However, what we want to do on this occasion is to rotate identical images every X hours that change coherently with the light of day .
For example, you can have a panoramic image of London at sunrise, in the afternoon, at sunset and in the evening.
The best set of wallpapers of this type I've found are Google Now wallpapers for PC that can be downloaded for free from Google+ .
There are 44 stylishly designed backgrounds (they are not photos), 4 for each city: Paris, San Francisco, Honolulu, Cairo, London, New York and others.
You can choose a set of 4 backgrounds and rotate them on Windows using a program such as Bionix that allows you to change desktops according to the time.
Another excellent program to have the dynamic background in Windows is WinDynamicDesktop which can be downloaded as an executable exe file or with installation.
This program remains running in the background and allows you to change the wallpaper according to the time of day.
Included in the program are the MacOS Mojave wallpapers, with desert photos or images that leave from dawn until night.
In the evening it can be useful to turn down the volume on your computer so that if you open a video, you don't wake the whole house.
Volume Concierge is used to adjust and lower the volume automatically according to the time of day and we have already talked about this.
If you were listening to loud music later in the day and then turned on your PC again in the evening or at night, you will no longer risk getting the other inhabitants of the house to take a hit.
Computer power savings can be set in the evening or at night.
SetPower is a tool for Windows PC that automatically changes the energy saving plans configured in the Windows Control Panel.
You can therefore choose to use the maximum performance during the day and the balanced performance at night or vice versa, without having to do it manually.
Finally, it is possible to prevent the computer from opening specific websites during a certain period of the day when, perhaps, you are working or studying, to avoid getting distracted.
Extensions like StayFocusd for Chrome allow you to block the opening of specific sites during certain hours of the day.
you can therefore force yourself not to open Facebook in the morning or you can prevent children from going to play on the computer in the afternoon when they should study.
Blocking sites by time can also be enforced at the network level by changing one of the router options .
In another article, however, two PC applications are reported that change the background and colors of Windows depending on the weather and the weather

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