Closes Google+, the social used by anyone remains only for companies

This is one of those news that is sensational only for the delay in which it arrived.
Google, let me finally say, has decided that Google+ closes because nobody uses it and it is no longer the case to keep it active, at least no longer in the sense of social network for users.
Google's announcement is however quite particular, at least for the reasons of this closure, which is scheduled now for the next 10 months.
Apparently, Google+ has suffered from a serious security problem that has put 500, 000 accounts at risk.
Recall that Google+ was born in 2011 as an attempt to make a competing Facebook social netowork, launched with many excellent ideas, but also with many controversies.
Google+ was the last attempt, the most determined, that Google made to enter the world of social networks, after having failed with other products such as Orkut and Google Buzz.
Google+ was immediately praised and brought in triumph by website managers and those who work in web marketing, seen as a promotional tool on the Google search engine, mandatory to have to be recognized as authors of their blog (with the tag rel = " author ", later removed)
Google+ had also become the site that hosted important services such as Google Photos and Google Hangouts, which later became independent.
Conversely, however, Google+ has never been understood by non-professional users, who have never had a real reason to use it, except forcing Google.
After the launch, in fact, Google integrated Google+ to Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Maps, Android and also in the search engine, however generating a discontent that had decidedly negative effects.
Basically, Google to push Google+ accounts had limited functionality on popular sites that were not limited before, such as Youtube where you could only comment with a Google+ account
Over time all these additions have fallen and Google+ ended up becoming a site focused mainly on photos and communities, which were the only ones to keep it alive.
Spam has become master in Google+ which has always seemed like a social network more populated by bots and automatic ads than by real user interventions.
Google therefore explains that Google+ has failed its objectives, with very limited user interaction, so much so that 90% of the sessions ended in less than 5 seconds.
Additionally, the Google project team analyzed the APIs provided to the developers and found that these were difficult to develop and maintain.
A bug was also found that allowed access to Google+ users' profile files, although no evidence was found that the profile data was misused.
The Google review team therefore concluded that, given the recent security problems and the very low use of the consumer version of Google+, it is better to terminate and close it.
Google has said it will close Google+ in March 2019 .
Those who want to do it earlier can already unsubscribe from Google+ without consequences for other Google services.
The closure however only affects the consumer version of Google+, which will however remain a product focused on companies.
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