Chrome: applications tab and Web Store

When Google Chrome switched to version 15, it changed the initial tab, the one used to start browsing. The application tab of Chrome is very inspired by touch screen devices (such as smartphones and tablets) and shows large buttons to start downloaded applications in a click. Below at the bottom you can select the classic screen of the most visited websites . At the bottom right, on the other hand, you can click on the word Recently closed to see a chronology of the last closed cards so that you can reopen them on the fly, without having to go and look for them.
The Chrome applications tab with the horizontal list of applications allows you to move the various buttons so as to arrange them as you would with the launch icons of an Android or iPhone mobile phone. To open the Chrome applications tab, you can press the Apps button on the bookmarks bar, or, if not present, open a new tab and write in the address bar : chrome: // apps / . Any application installed from the Web Store can be launched from this list of icons. For each icon, you can right-click to remove it or to create a shortcut on the desktop (shortcut).
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At the same time Google also points out the new graphics of the Chrome Web Store site .
After putting the Italian language from the menu at the top right of the web page, you can browse the various applications vertically, without ever changing the page, sorted according to the number of users who use them and filtered through the various categories of the menu at the top to the left. True extensions, the ones that implement different features on Chrome and aren't just quick links to open sites or apps, are under a special category of apps. The page is really fluid and to install an application or an extension just press the Add button by positioning the mouse on the preview figure.
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Just for the record and to get some publicity, here is the application on the Chrome App Store which is nothing more than a simple link to appear in the initial tab of the Chrome 15.
The update to Chrome 15 should be automatic but, if it were not so, see here how to download and update Google Chrome browser with offline installation .

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