Chromecast without extensions on Chrome (Windows Mac Linux Android)

As we learned in the guide to using Chromecast from a PC, you can broadcast what you see on the internet or on the computer on the television screen to which the Google Chromecast device is connected using a special extension for the Chrome browser, called Google Cast .
Now, however, you can do the same thing even without that extension and broadcast on TV from Chrome (on Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS and Android PCs) directly using a button that can be enabled on the experimental configurations page.
The new feature allows you to share Chrome tabs or the entire PC desktop to any enabled device.
The button to start transmitting appears in the toolbar as does the Google Cast extension, changing only the graphics of the selection and confirmation box.
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UPDATE: starting from the Chrome 52 version you can remove any Google Cast extension (by pressing the right mouse button on the transmission button) because the option to transmit on Chromecast has been integrated into the main menu.
Then press the three dots at the top to find the Cast option.
The sequel to this article is now obsolete.
To activate the screen sharing button and allow Chrome to show web content or program windows on a TV or screen to which the Google Chromecast device is connected, proceed as follows:
Open a new tab and paste the following onto the Chrome address bar:
chrome: // flags / # enable-media-router
( chrome: // flags / # media-router on Mac).
You will then find an option called Activate Media Router that you need to enable.
Before closing the tab, scroll down the page and press the button to save the changes.
After the restart of Chrome you will notice, in the extensions bar, a new button which, if pressed, leads to the choice of the device on which to share the computer screen.
As was the case with the Google Cast extension, you can then choose whether to share only Chrome or the computer desktop.

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