Classify Email with Sortd for Gmail

When the inbox starts to be numerous, to distinguish important emails from those of advertising, commercial, from newsletters or Facebook notifications, it is necessary to set up a certain organization.
Whatever email service you use, one of the basic steps is to assign labels to all messages in order to collect them by categories of importance.
So we saw how to order emails in Gmail by creating filters, labels and aliases so that you can classify messages automatically and be able to read them based on the sender, based on the subject or type of message.
In addition to this basic work, you can still improve the management of Email thanks to numerous extensions for Gmail that modify its appearance and functioning.
Among these, there is one that is really worth trying to use a professional and free Email classification system (at least for now): Sortd
Sortd can be installed as an extension for the Google Chrome browser by requesting an invitation on the application's website.
The invitation arrives immediately so just indicate your email address to receive the activation code.
After activating the extension you can follow the guided tour and start classifying emails according to personalized criteria .
The Gmail interface with Sortd is divided into two sections: on the side the messages, in the center instead there are 4 initially empty columns where you can move the messages with the mouse.
The default columns are: things to do, to follow, list 1 and list 2.
Each of these names can be changed for easier recognition by pressing the down arrow next to each heading.
Under each column you can add tasks or move emails by classifying them as tasks or Tasks.
Each message added under one of the columns can be marked as a finished activity or as an activity to be carried out, it can be highlighted with a color for easy recognition, it can be changed in the title or deleted.
You can then reorder and rearrange the emails, add new items manually, group the emails into a single activity and add new lists.
By clicking on an email from its title on the left side of the screen, the full page message opens in the center.
At the top right you will notice several buttons added by Sortd, including those to create an activity to do and remember and the one for snooze, that is, to receive that email again as in a few hours or days.
By clicking instead on an email added under one of the Sortd columns, the message opens with several other options including the possibility of adding notes and reminders with notification .
From the Sortd interface, all Gmail folders are visible by pressing the down arrow next to the title of the Inbox at the top left.
Automatic Gmail filters can be selected by pressing the buttons immediately below the search box.
If you want to quickly return to the classic Gmail interface, just press the Gmail key located on the right side, colored red.
In classic Gmail display mode, Sortd occupies only the column on the right and allows you to classify messages in the same way, by dragging.
To use Sortd efficiently and classify the emails received, you can follow this reference mirror:
- Create a Task with the title "today" and, every morning, move important emails inside.
- Similarly, create a task with the title "Later" and move the emails that can wait inside it, also writing the date on which that task must be addressed.
The Task with the title "To-Do" is useful for classifying emails with activities to carry out, without however a deadline.
- The "Finished" Task to group the emails and the added activities that we can consider completed.
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