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I am Claudio Pomes " Pomhey ", author, manager, publisher, blogger and writer of this small IT blog, the one who takes care of the publication of the articles and responds to comments.
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Before being a blogger, in my "previous life", I was a computer consultant who worked in large Italian companies.
Although I had always been a computer enthusiast, computer science entered my professional destiny only after my degree in Business Administration .
I am hired as a consultant started as a "project manager" by a small company whose boss, thinking he is an innovator, decides that in order to increase the added value of the service offered, it would take a degree in Economics and not a "tech-savvy" (as he said him) computer experts.
So I found myself doing jobs completely unrelated to what had been studied up to that point, unnecessarily dressed in a suit and tie in dusty environments, side by side with technicians who saw me (rightly) an incapable person, immersed in server rooms, installing complex monitoring programs of systems and network equipment, in complex companies such as Telecom, Poste, Ericsson, Tre and other companies.
So, while Zuckerberg founded Facebook at twenty, my boss, with the classic Italian mentality, convinced me that I was too young to do more important things and that I needed to have a lot of experience before I could have my say and oppose standardized procedures ( often unproductive and old).
At times and after an initial period of acclimatization, I had to admit that I liked being a computer consultant and I was able to learn and get passionate about things that I could never have known by staying at home and tinkering with my Windows PC.
After 4 years I always had "little experience" and in a period, in 2008, when I was assigned easy and often repetitive tasks, I found myself having a lot of free time to surf the internet, browse and above all to open a blog .
The blog was first called Pom-heyweb (taking my nickname pomhey) and then became Navigaweb so as to immediately identify the main topic of the blog: the internet .
The initial story of is in one of the first posts I wrote, where I immediately explained my goal: to write the best IT blog with useful guides and news, without previews, rumors or tutorials for beginners but with practical information, oriented to use the free resources found on the internet. was born from the initial need to pin and keep the websites, the tricks and the configurations sought and found in a web space to improve and maximize the use of the PC and the Internet.
When I decided it was time to bring all my favorite sites to a web space to avoid losing them, I was still far from thinking that I would make a blog. Over time the blog has evolved with topics and reviews on Windows programs, on Google and Facebook news and on the best free online games.
The result already seemed good from the start, despite the fact that the site was very rough in appearance and despite the fact that many articles had in no way a professional character, with several errors inside and a language that was not "editorial" at all.
Maybe all those sites that talk about tricks and tricks to attract contacts from Google report trivial advice?
Maybe to make a nice blog the only thing to do is to write interesting and / or funny articles and above all of practical utility?
It can't really be said, but that may be what I hope visitors to this blog find when they read
The guide to better read the blog describes how to interact, comment, report, share, participate and find all the updated articles.
As an author, editor and blogger of I can only thank you and express my satisfaction if I was able to help you solve a problem on your computer, to make you discover new things or if you found something in the blog that amused you, entertained you, intrigued .

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