How Netflix works with streaming movies and TV shows

For those who do not know it, Netflix is ​​the streaming platform to watch films, TV series, cartoons, anime and documentaries by paying "only the entrance": once inside, we will be able to see all the contents present without any time limit, as if we were in a large cinema where we could only choose where to go and what to see. Obviously the contents present are only "loaned", therefore made accessible only by regularly paying the monthly subscription (but we can take advantage of a good trial period to savor the contents offered).
If we have never heard of Netflix and want to try the service or if we already have it and we want to see how it is possible to see movies and TV shows everywhere, in this Netflix guide we will show you how it works, how we can subscribe, how to pay, on which devices we can watch the content and how we can stay updated on the new series and new movies that they regularly add.

How Netflix works

By carefully following all the chapters that we will illustrate below, we will not need anyone's help to find out how Netflix works and how to use it. The only requirements that we advise you to prepare is a PayPal account (to which to associate a credit card or a prepaid card) and a fast Internet connection .
To be sure that Netflix will work properly, it is worth using its tool to measure the maximum download and streaming speed .

How to register on Netflix

The first step is to register for the service, using any e-mail address that we use or can check (no temporary emails) as the username.
We open the Netflix page, press the Start now button and select View plans, so we can see which subscriptions Netflix offers.

Currently the service allows you to choose between three subscriptions:
  1. Base : available for € 7.99, suitable for those who do not have special viewing needs and want to watch everything on one device.
  2. Standard : available at € 11.99, for those looking for a good compromise between spending and quality, it allows you to play content in FullHD (where available) and on two separate devices.
  3. Premium : available at € 15.99, for those who are not satisfied and seek the highest quality on Netflix; allows you to play content in 4K UHD (where available) and up to 4 devices at a time.
In all cases, since we are new customers, we will benefit from 30 days of free trial, without obligation and with manual cancellation. We press on the name of the subscription we want to activate, select the Continue button, again on the Continue button and we provide an email address and password. At the end of the account creation, we will be asked for the payment method: we recommend using PayPal because it is safe, easy to use and practically automatic (just add this form of payment and every month it will take care of paying the subscription for us) .
Remember that even if we only want to take advantage of the 30-day free trial, we will always have to provide a valid payment method, otherwise we will not be able to continue with the creation of the account.
At the end of the creation we will finally have access to all the content offered by Netflix! If we need to cancel before 30 days, we invite you to read the official Netflix guide.
Keep in mind that you can use the same Netflix subscription between friends to pay less, as explained in another article.

Netflix compatible devices

We can use a large number of devices to view Netflix content, with any subscription chosen. Netflix is ​​currently officially supported by:
  • Smart TV : through the official app we can access Netflix services quickly and quickly, using the simple TV remote control; the maximum supported resolution is 4K UHD (on televisions with support for this resolution). We saw in another article the guide to having Netflix on each TV.
  • Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra : if we have the Google dongle we can quickly associate it with the Netflix app for Android and iPhone and view the contents in FullHD or in 4K UHD (with the Ultra version).
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K : You can add Netflix to any TV with Amazon's Fire TV Stick where the official Netflix app is included and benefit from FullHD and 4K UHD content (on the 4K version of the stick ).
  • Sky Q decoder : the new Sky decoder integrates Netflix content into the interface, so you can switch between Sky TV series and Netflix series with the remote control or with voice commands; the Sky decoder also supports FullHD and 4K UHD resolutions (depending on the connected TV).
  • Game console : if we own a Sony PlayStation 4 or a Microsoft Xbox One, we can enjoy a film or a series of Netflix between one game session and another; basically we can access all FullHD content, while for 4K UHD content we will need to have the PS4 Pro, Xbox One S or Xbox One X versions of the consoles.
  • TV Box : we can also install the Netlix app on TV boxes, but the quality that can be obtained depends on the certification of the device; if we focus on the Apple TV 4K or NVIDIA Shield TV, we will be able to access the maximum 4K UHD resolution, if instead we focus on the Chinese TV Boxes, we will be able to watch Netflix only in standard quality (480p).
  • Smartphones and tablets : all modern smartphones and tablets allow you to view Netflix content, simply by downloading the official app for Android and iPhone. The final quality depends on the device in use: on high beam devices we will always get FullHD if we are connected in Wi-Fi or with a good data connection.
  • Computer : in addition to using the web browser to watch Netflix movies and TV series, we can also use the dedicated app for Windows 10. In this case, the quality of the content played depends on the resolution of the screen or monitor, but we can access without problems with FullHD resolution.
If we don't mind compromises and want to always see Netflix in 4K UHD with HDR, we recommend you read our guide to ways to see Netflix in 4K UHD .

How to stay updated on its new content

Netflix has so many contents that it is difficult for many to find their way around and find the news, TV series or films we like right away, spending hours scrutinizing the catalog of the service in search of something to see.
Luckily we can get help from the Upflix app, available for free for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

With this app we will be able to control the addition of new content on Netflix for each category or genre, so that you always know what's new on the platform. The app also allows you to monitor series to see if new episodes come out.
If, on the other hand, we want to know if a certain movie or TV series is present on Netflix, we can use the JustWatch app, which is also available for free for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

By downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet and launching the search with the name of the film or series to watch, we will be able to find out if it is present on Netflix and, in the case of a negative answer, see where it is possible to stream (legally) the chosen content; in addition to viewing via streaming platforms, it also allows you to see where you can buy or rent it, also indicating the current price. The app is also useful for users who seek the highest quality, since it is able to show if the content sought is available in HD or 4K UHD and on which platform.
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With Netflix, a new way of seeing movies and TV series has been born, which is slowly supplanting the old television, as more and more young people (and not) appreciate Netflix to the point of using it exclusively instead of the classic TV channels.
Always to stay on Netflix theme, we invite you to read our guide to Netflix Cheats, secret functions and settings to know, so as to become truly experts of the most famous streaming platform in the world.
We only use the web browser on PC to see Netflix "> Best Chrome extensions for Netflix.
If we want to watch movies or TV shows even without internet connection, it is possible to download movies and episodes from Netflix to watch them offline .
If, on the other hand, we are looking for alternatives to rent a movie online, we can continue reading on our article dedicated to the sites for the rental of films to watch in streaming and the alternatives to Netflix, free or paid .

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