How to fix online video player loading error

Online media players rarely give problems. Sites such as Youtube and Netflix are so optimized to load quickly on any computer or other devices and thanks to the HTML5 technology that has replaced the Flah Player, the problems of watching online videos have certainly diminished.
Player loading errors, which often appear in English with the words: " error loading player: no playable sources found ", can occur in some minor streaming video sites, perhaps those full of advertisements that must be closed and blocked before being able to upload the video. Beyond the site or the type of video that you upload to the web browser, Youtube or others, we see in this article how you can correct and solve every problem of playing streaming videos in general, whether they are powered by a player in HTML5 as JWPlayer or as the old Flash, still used by several video sites.

Video in Flash Player

If it is a Flash video site, remember that this does not work on all devices. For example on smartphones you cannot open sites in Flash so the videos loaded in the Flash Player do not work (only on Android you can enable the Flash Player). On PC, using Chrome, Firefox or other browsers, Flash is blocked by default and must first be enabled when requested by clicking on the box with the figure of the piece of a puzzle.
To understand if Flash works, you need to open the test page of the flash plugin on the official Adobe website and press, if you don't see the animation, the box that has the design of a puzzle.
In the case of Flash videos, in the case of viewing problems, it is important that the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player is installed.
Keep in mind that, if you use Google Chrome, this download is not necessary because Chrome uses its plugin and manages its updates automatically (therefore you need to use the updated version of Chrome).
Another way to solve problems of loading streaming video in Flash, if slow in buffering, is to click on it with the right mouse button and then go to Settings to disable hardware acceleration.
On this topic I had made an in-depth analysis however advising to disable hardware acceleration on Windows to optimize video streaming.

If there is an error loading the HTML5 player

Check the flow link

If the video player is playing a live stream, but you can't see it, you can check if the streaming works or not by loading the same stream on a different program such as VLC media Player. To find the link of the streaming stream, press the right mouse button on the video bvox and then go to Inspect to search for the direct video link (sometimes it is not easy to locate it, other times it can be encrypted instead).
If the stream works with VLC, then it is possible that the player used by the website may not be able to manage it or has been programmed incorrectly.

Disable adblock or other website advertising blocks

Many streaming video sites don't work if an extension that blocks ads is active and sometimes it's not even enough to put that site into exceptions to make it work. You will therefore need to disable the used extension, Adblock or others. My advice is not to use a total ad blocker, but an automatic pop-up blocker and redirect, which are the most annoying.

Disable all browser add-ons

While ad-blockers may be a type of extension that interferes with streaming video playback on a website, there are other extensions that can cause problems. Then try to disable all extensions and try to play the video again. If the video works, you will have to try to figure out which extension causes the upload error.

Use a VPN

Some sites may be blocked in Italy or other countries for copyright or obscuration reasons. To view the streams from these videos you must therefore use a VPN. To try a free solution, you can open the video using the Opera browser's VPN. If the free VPN is not enough to see the streaming smoothly and without interruptions, then you will have to pay a faster Premium VPN.

Disable the VPN

In other cases, the VPN or Proxy used may interfere with the content you are trying to play or may not be able to communicate via VPN and proxy. You can then try to disable any VPN or Proxy.

Clear browser cache

Clearing the browser cache solves most problems with loading websites, especially video ones, so it's worth a try. in another article the guide to clear cache Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other browsers.

Try another browser

If the video we are viewing with Firefox is not visible, you can try it with Chrome or vice versa because it may be that the site is not compatible with the browser used. Other great browsers to try are Edge and Opera.

Youtube problems

Speaking only of the problems with Youtube, we know that since 2015 no longer uses Flash because Youtube videos are in HTML5.
As already explained, If Youtube is slow you can optimize the HD viewing of videos on Chrome and Firefox using HTML5 H.264, lighter and without hardware acceleration, with the h264ify extension that forces the use of the HTML5 H standard .264 and ensures smooth video and faster uploads.
With Google Chrome and Firefox you can install an extension called Smartvideo to watch Youtube videos without interruption and with fast buffering .

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