How to download videos from Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks these days also thanks to the possibility of sharing photos and videos in quantity, sure to be followed by other interested users or to find new followers affected by the shared material.
If we see a particular video published by another user that interests us and that we want to save, we will surely cover the bitter surprise: it is not possible to download videos from Instagram with the official app, it will be necessary to use apps dedicated to the purpose or programs that can be installed on PC.
In this guide we will discover together the best programs and the best apps to download videos from Instagram in a simple and fast way, so you can share some of the content on other social networks or in some chat on WhatsApp.
We take care not to infringe privacy and copyright laws: we only download material that does not show faces or that does not show registered trademarks.
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To download the videos on Instagram using a common PC it is possible, using one of the programs listed below.
1) 4K Stogram

This program for Windows, Mac and Linux allows you to access the Instagram account of the user from whom you want to download the material and to view all the multimedia contents, so you can comfortably select them and save them on the PC hard disk, ready to be reused.
If we are interested we can download the program for free from here -> 4K Stogram .
2) JDownloader

Another useful program for downloading videos from Instagram is an old acquaintance of those who download files through hosting. JDownloader.
This handyman program allows you to capture and download videos from Instagram, to use it you just need to check the notes, open the Instagram site in any browser and click on the video with the right mouse button -> Copy link.
The link will be captured by JDownloader, ready to be downloaded and saved on the hard disk.
We can download JDownloader for Windows, Mac and Linux from here -> JDownloader .
3) DreDown (online site)

Another convenient service that we can use without installing any program is DreDown.
Since this is an online service, it is not necessary to download anything, just copy the link of the video on Instagram that we intend to save and insert it in the field offered by the site, then click on DreDown .
The service can be used for free from here -> DreDown .
Download videos on Instagram from Android
On Android devices it is very easy to download videos from Instagram, just use one of the free apps described below.
1) Video Downloader for Instagram

The first app that we recommend you use is Video Downloader for Instagram, which allows you to recover and download the video in a few simple steps by retrieving it from the official Instagram app (right click on the video, Copy link).
We insert the link in the app and wait for the download.
We can download this app from here -> Video Downloader for Instagram .
2) Inst Download - Video & Photo

Another very useful app to download videos from Instagram via an Android device is Inst Download - Video & Photo.
With this app we will have a convenient screen where you can insert the link of the video (copied from the main Instagram app), with the possibility to choose the name of the video to download and the path.
We can download the app from here -> Inst Download - Video & Photo .
3) Downloader for Instagram

To download videos from Instagram we can also use the Downloader app for Instagram, which allows you to download any video or photo in a few taps on the screen, always recovering the link of the source to download (therefore you need the official Instagram app from which retrieve the link).
With the link retrieved, just paste it into the app to start the download.
We can recover this app for free from here -> Downloader for Instagram .
Download videos on Instagram from iPhone and iPad
Unfortunately for iPhone and iPad downloading videos from Instagram becomes increasingly difficult: Apple quickly blocks all the apps that allow you to download videos from this social, to the point that there are very few apps that allow you to download Instagram videos via channels officers (or rather there are also but rarely work well).
If we care about our device and do not want to Jailbreak (the procedure for unlocking the iPhone, which allows you to install unofficial apps but invalidates the warranty) we can use the Repost app, available here -> Repost .

This app was created to quickly share the posts made by another user on their Instagram profile, but also allows you to download the video locally!
To download the video from Instagram with Repost we recover the link to the Instagram video (tap on it -> Copy link ) to add it to the Repost app (it will be added automatically if we previously opened the app); from inside the app we tap at the top right then we use the Export to Videos item to save the video in the device memory.
Hard to say when this functionality will last on this app (which we remember was born for a completely different purpose), but as long as it works we can use it without problems.
Another method to download videos from Instagram without using Jailbreak is to rely on online services such as the one mentioned above (DreDown, perfectly compatible on the iOS browser).
If instead we have already jaikbreaked and installed Cydia as an alternative app market, we can download videos from Instagram using one of the following unofficial apps:
- InstaBetter
- InstaEnhancer
- Instagram ++
- InstaTools
These apps are all available for free, just search for their names in the Cydia store and install them on the iPhone with Jailbreak.
Once installed it will be possible to use Instagram with many additional features, including the possibility to download videos and photos with a simple tap on the screen.
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