How to overcome ReCAPTCHAs quickly in site logins

The CAPTCHA is that security system, present in many websites when logging in with a login and password, which serves to identify the user as a human being and not as a robot or program.
Forcing the user to compile the CAPTCHA codes prevents automatic programs and scripts developed by hackers from trying to access an account by trying many passwords until finding the right one.
A standard version (today old) of CAPTCHA is the one where you have to write the words shown in an image, often written in a confused way and in English, not easy to understand at all.
In many sites, protection is already set when registering an account, while in others it can appear after having mistaken the access password two or three times.
ReCAPTCHA is the most widely used type of CAPTCHA protection on the internet, released for free by Google and also used on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, based on artificial intelligence (it has even been used by Google to digitize books in Google Books and the New York Times archive)
This protection can be light (the latest version of ReCaptcha is this), if there is only one flag to put to say "I'm not a robot", or it can be very complicated (previous version but still very common), especially if it is of the type in which you need to recognize and select some images.
These ReCAPTCHA become quite boring and also not too simple to solve, when, for example, you are asked to select only the photos where there are road signs, which sometimes are not understood.
To overcome ReCAPTCHA in a fast and simple way, we see here some interesting tricks that often work through Extensions for Chrome and Fireofox .
For those sites written in English and with ReCaptcha protection where you have to guess images, there is an extension called Buster for Chrome and Firefox that, when possible, excludes the challenge of recognizing images and instead uses the audio ReCaptcha, the one where you need to enter the word listened to, to bypass it.
As soon as a visual challenge with images appears, the extension icon is activated and ReCaptcha Audio can be used instead.
Without needing to listen to the word that needs to be written, the extension will automatically recognize it, thus solving the challenge.
Accuracy isn't 100 percent and it only works with Google ReCAPTCHA a few times a day, you will.
Keep in mind that the audio versions of ReCAPTCHA are much faster and easier than those with images, although they are often in the English language.
For the new version of ReCAPTCHA, the one where you just have to click the box with the writing " I Am not e Robot " (" I'm not a robot "), there is an extension that works wonders to automatically click that box not as soon as you load the site.
In practice, you automatically skip the verification check that you are not a robot and you can immediately log in without having to wait.
The I'm not robot captcha clicker extension is free for Chrome and Firefox and always works.
If you are often dealing with ReCaptcha where you have to guess images or Captcha of different types that always take time, then there are some paid services such as Anti-Captcha which costs about $ 2 per 1000 solved reCAPTCHA v2 puzzles.
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