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While there are many blogs or specialized sites that daily list the best Amazon offers of the day, it is possible to do this type of search independently from the Amazon Discount pages.
Some of these special pages, such as the Timed Offers one, are immediately reachable from the home page, while others are really hidden and not visible unless you know the links to reach them.
In this article, which I write not only for readers, but also as a reminder for myself, we find out what these Amazon Discount pages are with sales, promotions and prices of lowered products, really, that can really be used always and that change dynamically everyday.
First of all, as already explained in the guide to find real offers on Black Friday, it is necessary to check if the prices are really discounted .
It is therefore necessary to open the Amazon product sheets with a browser on a PC such as Chrome or Firefox by installing one of the extensions to follow the prices.
With an extension like Keepa, free and only to be installed on Chrome or Firefox, you can view the graph on the product pages to follow the price changes over time and therefore find out if when reading a lower price, that is a real offer or not.
Then, under the graph, just move the mouse cursor over the word Statistics to see the table with the minimum recorded price, the maximum price and the average price.
You can also make comparisons for the price on other Amazon stores, to see if maybe a certain item is sold on the German or English Amazon website at a lower price, so as to make it convenient to pay the extra shipping costs.
By registering on the website, you can also follow the price of products that we would like to buy and receive notifications when the price drops, in order to buy it on sale.
Other sites that allow you to follow the price trend are CamelCamelCamel and WhenitDrop, which do not need extensions and are sites that work on Amazon product searches.
Once Keepa is prepared and the price charts appear, you can now browse the products on offer in the various Amazon Discount pages, among which we have:
1) Deals of the day
As said, this page is easily reached, and it is the list of offers of the day, which have a very short deadline of even a few hours.
A peculiarity of this promotional page is that if you click on one of the product categories on the left side, you stay inside the offers and you can find the one that interests us most.
2) Used Products
The used Amazon Warehouse Deals page allows you to find products at significantly lower prices, because they are used.
In reality, however, it is also enough to do a generic search from the homepage (without going through Amazon Warehouse Deals) for a certain product and in the list to find the price of the Used, if available.
3) Outlet shop
This is a special Amazon sale page that is easily accessible from the Deals of the day.
In this collection there are products that have gone out of the catalog, therefore older, which however remained in the warehouse waiting for a buyer.
Even if it's not about promotional offers, the prices are obviously quite low for almost everything.
4) Amazon Renewed
On this page you can find deals and offers of tested and certified refurbished computers and technological products.
There are therefore computers, smartphones, smartwatches, Amazon devices, watches and appliances, all discounted and practically new.
These are usually products ordered and immediately sent back because they are not liked or because they are bought without.
5) Bestsellers
This is not a promotional page, but it is always a good way to start a search, starting from the best sellers for each category.
For example, we can easily find the pages with IT Bestsellers to search for accessories, best-selling tablet computers and the Electronics Bestseller page to find the best-selling smartphones as well as many accessories.
6) The news
If you want to search for the newest products offered for sale, you can start from this special page and then change the category according to what you want.
7) Products of the moment
This is a hidden page of Amazon that is really interesting and always to be consulted.
It is a list with the products whose sales have grown the most in the last period (and which have climbed more positions in the bestsellers ranking).
Also in this case you can click on one of the categories to filter the search according to your needs.
As you will notice, in many cases the products of the moment have become such thanks to the price reduction immediately or thanks to the popularity acquired by the positive reviews.
8) Find the products with the most reviews .
You can also order product searches on Amazon based on the number of reviews obtained.
To do this, you must add it to the end of the address & sort = review-count-rank .
For example the link // "> food products from Amazon Pantry and with Prime Day, the same day delivery program.
In another article, Amazon Prime costs and benefits
10) Look for products with discount only
The real Amazon Discount pages are hidden and can only be reached if you know the trick.
To find only products with Amazon discount, you can search, generic or in one of the categories, only products on sale thanks to a change in the search URL.
In practice, try to search, for example, computer, and to the link that appears on the address bar of the browser, which should be like:
Add & pct-off = 50-100
The link to find 50% discounted computers then becomes
In the same way we can find smartphones sold with 50% discount and shoes with 30% discount up.
50-100 means that you are looking for every computer that has a 50% to 100% discount, putting 30-100 to have more choices (discount from 30% up).
NOTE: In several cases, when it seems that a product is discounted, it is actually only a price that has fallen over time compared to the original launch price (so the same product in other stores will always cost the same amount), using Keepa and the tools shown above you can understand if the discount is real or not.
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