Compare processors, video cards and SSDs

There are three parts of the computer that are most delicate and that most affect its performance: processor, video card and hard disk or, better, SSD which is significantly faster.
Whether it is a new computer, or if you want to update and improve your PC by changing one of these parts, there are some sites that come in handy to help us in a choice that if you are not really experts it can be really difficult .
Especially speaking of video card and processor there are many different models, some newer and some older, some expensive, others cheap and it is not said that the more expensive one is the best choice for our PC.
It may be, for example, that by buying a too powerful GPU it is then necessary to also change the power supply and add a heatsink for cooling or that the new processor is not compatible with the motherboard, making the purchase useless.
All these doubts can be solved almost entirely by looking at the various models of these electronic components on the internet and comparing them with each other.
We have already talked about the Benchmark Test programs PC, CPU, disk and video card .
Now we see some very comfortable, simple to use and reliable and above all impartial sites (not related to large hardware companies) that allow you to compare various models and brands of processors (CPU), video cards (GPU) and units SSD .
1) To compare different CPU models, go to the CPUBoss website.
CPUBoss is a useful site that provides two processor models by placing them side by side.
Just enter the names of two models and read the comparison chart supported by scores, percentages and reviews from the most authoritative sites.
The main processor comparison parameters in CPUBoss are:
- Number of cores and threads
- Maximum frequency (the higher the better)
- hyperthread
- energy consumption
- Passmark score (the main benchmarking tool)
- Like numbers of other users.
There is a tool, the Sort button, which organizes all models from best to worst based on performance, price and other parameters.
To date, the best processor is the Intel Core i7 5960X .
In other articles we talked about the differences between Intel and AMD processors and Intel Core i7 and i5 CPUs and how to understand the speed of a multi-core processor.
2) Compare video cards with GPUBoss
The sister site of CPUBoss is GPUBoss, identical, which compares the GPUs of the computers.
The comparison between the various video cards is based on the performance for normal use of the PC or in the case of heavy video games, the noise / power consumption ratio and various other parameters, including the price.
The main parameters for measuring GPU performance are:
- Number of shading and texture mapping units (the higher the better)
- Amount of graphics memory and type (e.g. GDDR5> DDR3)
- Memory bandwidth (the higher the better)
- Power ratio: lower means less heat generated and low PSU power (450W) will be sufficient
Here too you can see the general ranking of the best video cards which sees the Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X in first place.
To compare the video cards you can also look at the HWCompare site, less graphically beautiful but very complete and detailed with all the information.
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3) Compare the performance of SSD solid state drives with SSDBoss
We have seen the comparison between Hard Disk and SSD explaining how the SSD is the component that can accelerate more than a PC.
This site is perhaps less important than the other two because the choice between SSD disks is certainly less, but it is still worth a look, especially if you are undecided between two different models, which maybe cost the same.
The main parameters for measuring and comparing SSD performance are:
- Read or write speed (obviously higher is better)
- 4K random read speed
- Windows startup time.
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Thanks to sites like these, today building an assembled PC or changing some hardware on the old computer is certainly easier and within the reach of even the less experienced.
To explore the meaning of these comparisons, in another article the guide to buy the components of a PC and find the best parts .

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