Control your PC from another computer or mobile phone with Teamviewer

TeamViewer is a very famous program already mentioned several times in this blog (on the remote connection between two PCs) and that this time deserves a separate article for what it does and the possibilities it offers.
This program is probably the best, for flexibility and ease of use, to control and use a computer remotely .
For example, with Teamviewer it is possible to connect from Rome to a PC in Milan and control it as if you were in front of it, driving the arrow with the desktop.
A type of solution of this type allows two fundamental things: the first, for all private users and for non-professional use, to control the home computer from one's workplace or from any other part of the world; the second for professional use, allows the famous online collaboration that I have talked about many times.
Teamviewer is formidable for the speed with which this connection is remotely established between two or more computers.
The different ways to install Teamviewer make this program almost unique, especially if you consider free software.
In the classic way, the Teamviewer application is installed on the PC to be controlled, which enables the possibility for that computer to be controlled.
An ID is automatically provided, a 9-digit number which is the unique ID of a connection session and a 4-number password.
Those who want to connect to that computer must install a Teamviewer client (Teamviewer Quicksupport) which only serves to display the screen of the controlled PC.
On the client you enter the ID (without spaces) and the password of the first and you can access the complete control by moving the arrow with the mouse and completely controlling it.
The second mode instead provides for the download of Teamviewer in a portable version .
This portable application, which does not require any installation, can act both as a client and as a server.
If this stand-alone program is downloaded on two computers, one can connect to the other in the same way as above.
Finally, the third mode is to view the screen of a PC remotely on the internet browser and is a perfect solution if you want to connect from environments closed by proxies and firewalls such as offices and workplaces.
As you may have noticed, no registration to the service has ever been mentioned so far, everything can work without any of the users registering for the program .
By registering, always free for private use, Teamviewer can be used with a lot of other functions, among which the possibility of establishing a webcam communication, a video conference, a Messenger type chat and a Skype type VOIP call stand out .
The quality of all these services is absolutely excellent.
Registration also allows you to connect PCs to each other using the Internet and thus overcoming any firewall blocks .
Between the two PCs connected to the Teamviewer network, you can also start a file transfer without any size limit and with a very high download speed.
A virtual VPN can also be set up between the two PCs.
From a security point of view TeamViewer seems very solid and it is also possible to limit the control of the computer to the use of only some selected applications if you do not want to give complete control.
As for the web interface, that is the one for which you can have the remote desktop and complete control of the pc via browser, without any other program, Teamviewer works well but I prefer for the remote control of a computer via the internet .
The Teamviewer program is also in Italian and absolutely understandable for anyone and works on Mac, Linux and Windows.
Teamviewer also allows you to remotely control a computer from an iPhone or iPod and also from an Android mobile phone .
Download Teamviewer
Scrolling the list you can also find Teamviewer portable to copy to USB stick and Teamviewer for Android and iPhone.
Teamviewer web client
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