Check the dangerous extensions installed in Chrome

The beauty of a browser like Chrome is the ability to increase its functions by installing the extensions of the Chrome Web Store.
The problem is that some of these extensions, including some of the most popular ones, are able to spy on internet browsing and, in more serious cases, even to display more advertising than the one present on websites.
There are extensions that ask for permission to be able to "read" the browser history, favorite sites, the sites you are browsing, searches made, typing text on websites and even " read and modify data on all the websites you visit . "
In some cases these permissions are necessary for the extension to work, while in other cases, less frequent, these are real invasions of privacy that has no justification and that suggests a collection of user data for advertising purposes .
Those who install many extensions may therefore find a tool that does an automatic security check and can identify potential risks on Chrome useful.
You can then have a judgment on the authorizations required by the installed extensions that you can use to decide which extensions to delete.
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The Extension Police extension was designed for this purpose, to check the installed extensions.
Extension Police requires only an authorization and adds an icon to the Chrome toolbar that lists all the installed extensions ordered in the two active groups and the disabled ones.
For each extension, a safety rating and a switch are given to enable or disable individual extensions quickly.
The judgment can be green, which means safe, or red, which means potential risk.
If there is the word Danger, it means that you need to do a more thorough check, because we could really have something dangerous installed.
By clicking on each extension of the eleco you can find an information sheet where it is explained what permissions it requires, the permissions granted, the name of the developer and then also the user reviews.
It should be borne in mind that not all extensions highlighted as dangerous or potentially at risk are harmful or used for espionage and marketing purposes.
It will be up to us to investigate those extensions that are deemed risky and to check if their developer is reliable, also based on the reviews provided in the Chrome web store tab.
Another useful extension to check the installed extensions is the Extensions Update Notifier which is used to notify the automatic updates of the extensions and any changes in the required permissions.
It also lets you know if extensions are being installed without our permission.
When this happens, a notification appears at the bottom right of the screen with the option to keep the extension enabled or disable it.
The best tool to check if we have installed dangerous extensions in Chrome is that of the CRXcavator site, which analyzes Chrome extensions and provides a safety report based on the analyzes made by the company Duo Labs.
To get this information, you need to write the name of the extension you want to check in the CRXcavator search bar.
On the basis of the permits that the extension requires and on the basis of the study done, each extension is assessed with a risk score.
To protect yourself from dangerous extensions and be sure to browse without being spied on, it is important to scan every now and then to remove viruses from Chrome, that is, with ADWCleaner, the best anti-malware and spyware tool.

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