Check if a site changes and updates

It often happens to open close and reopen the same site to see if there are updates, changes or news.
On some sites, blogs and online newspapers the orange icon of RSS feeds appears (the one also found here on the right) which allows you to subscribe and receive updates and new news in your feed reader.
Alternatively, a control service can be set up that notifies the user every time a web page changes and is modified .
This alert service can be very useful especially to keep websites without feeds under control and for those sales sites where price changes are expected (like Ebay).
This saves time and effort by receiving immediate notification when a price drops or if news changes.
To take advantage of this type of services you can use a Windows PC program or an extension to be installed on Google Chrome or Firefox .
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To monitor individual web pages, pending an expected update or just to be notified of changes, you can use the Notipage program.
This program is used to create alerts on the computer that appear when a website changes .
You can monitor a page of a site, a blog or a forum, both if there are changes and if new content related to a particular topic or keyword is published.
On the other hand, it is not possible to keep track of those sites such as Facebook where access is protected by a login and password.
To add an alert, you must create a new alert by giving it a name, indicating the internet address of the site to be checked and then choosing what to check with the possibility, for example, of being warned every time a certain word is written.
Furthermore, it should be indicated how often that web page should be checked, whether constantly or once a day, and whether to receive an audible alarm.
Alternatively, other newer programs to monitor websites and changes are Website Watcher and Mercury Site monitor.
Better yet you can use the VisualPing web application, where you just have to enter the address of the site to be checked and then the interval of how often to check for new content to be able to receive notification on the browser in case of changes.
VisualPing can also be used, to have more options, as a Chrome extension.
For both Chrome and Firefox you can install one or both of the two Sitedelta extensions (updated to Firefox Quantum).
With Sitedelta Watch you can check if a site updates and changes, while with Sitedelta Highlight it shows what changes a web page has undergone since the last time it was visited by the user.
Another extension on Firefox to receive updates and always know when a site is modified is Update Scanner which is also in Italian and perhaps easier to use.
To configure the notification service you need to go to Tools in the menu bar, press Update Scanner and then set a new warning for the site you are browsing.
AlertBox for Firefox can be used to monitor any changes to web pages in real time .
Once AlertBox is installed in Firefox, you have to select with the mouse the part or element of the web page whose updates are expected (or even an entire page) and then press the right mouse button and add the alarm to changes in Alertbox.
The Firefox add-on displays a notification every time one of the chosen elements or if the entire web page kept under control is updated and modified.
The notice also allows access to a special page where the changes are highlighted graphically.
From the right click menu of Firefox, in the Alertbox section, you can read the warnings received or set the configuration of the various parameters.
The configuration panel can also be opened from the bell button at the top right of Firefox and among the options you can choose the section of the page to be checked and how often.
On Google Chrome, on the other hand, the extension to be used to check website changes is Page Monitor .
After installation, a button appears on the top bar of Chrome and, browsing the web page to be monitored, you can press on the word Monitor Page to start the check.
By right-clicking on the icon of the Page Monitor extension you can access the options where you can set an audible alert or with a notification pop-up.
Pressing the "Select" button opens the site to be checked and you can choose the specific section to track changes.

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