Correct problems on Chrome on PC with the Google Software Cleaner

Google has released a small program, for now only for Windows PC, called Chrome Software Cleaner which is used to find and remove any software on the computer that can cause problems with the Google Chrome browser .
This tool has been designed to fix Chrome in case any program, extension or plugin has gone to modify the browser settings without giving any warning.
It is therefore another way to put the browser back on purpose and correct Chrome problems such as changing the home, changing the default search engine, the presence of annoying and useless toolbar or the presence of advertising.
This free Chrome Software Cleaner should only be used in the event that Chrome behaves strangely, for example if it opens unsolicited web pages, if it is no longer possible to search from the address bar or if more advertisements appear than usual).
You can then solve the problem by downloading and running Chrome Software Cleaner which operates by doing a " factory reset " of Chrome restoring the original settings and, at the same time, removing the programs that modify its behavior and cause problems.
The tool is fully automatic and does not show any list of these unwanted programs to prevent them from changing their name.
UPDATE: This tool has now become the Chrome Cleanup to eliminate malware from the PC
By trying it on my computer, where I have no problems with Chrome, the Google Chrome Software Cleaner immediately ends by saying that it has not found suspicious programs.
If there were, the number of problems automatically detected and corrected would appear.
A tab is then opened in Chrome asking if you want to reset the browser settings to the original values.
If you accept this reset, all Chrome options return as they were when they were first installed: home page, search engine, new tab, deleting temporary data and cookies and removing all extensions.
Note however that this full Chrome restore can be done manually from the browser settings, without using Software Cleaner.
Software Cleaner can be useful as a quick resource to solve problems with Chrome effortlessly .
We experienced users already know how to defend ourselves against junk and malicious programs for the PC .

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