What to do if Firefox goes slow

Firefox, for many people, is the best browser for surfing the internet and has a long history that has made it among the most popular programs in the world. The first versions that came out a few years ago, when still the only browser used was Internet Explorer, Firefox showed incredible loading speed and better compliance with web standards. The release of Firefox was a historic event for internet users because that period of competition began which led today to an exceptional evolution of both browsers and websites.
Over time Firefox has been deeply renewed and although it is used much less than Google Chrome, it is still the second browser in the world.
Those who use Firefox and are happy with it should not feel that it is slow compared to Opera and Chrome. If other web browsers load faster than Firefox which instead appears slow and heavy, it is not normal and something is wrong and does not work. Firefox itself is at least as fast as other browsers, so if it loads slowly or slows down after a certain amount of time, you need to do something to bring it back to full speed.
So let's see 5 things to do when Firefox is slow compared to Chrome, Internet Explorer and other browsers .
1) Look for extensions that slow down the browser
One of Firefox's greatest strengths are the countless add-ons that allow you to customize the browser to suit your needs.
Anyone reading blogs like Navigaweb.net will likely read articles and lists of useful extensions to install on Firefox to do this and that often.
The problem is that some of these addons can cause quite annoying and relevant browser slowdowns.
To find out which add-ons are responsible for a slow Firefox, you can restart Firefox without any add-ons and see if the situation changes. To do this, open Firefox, go to Help on the top menu and choose "Restart Firefox without add-ons".
If Firefox's performance improves, the problem is an extension or a plugin. To find the culprit you could disable the extensions one by one until the problems are solved or, to do it first, see the list of add-ons that slow down the loading of Firefox more . To do this, open a new tab on the about: performance page. For each installed extension, you will see how much energy it consumes and, therefore, its heaviness.
2) Check for interference with other programs
Another possible cause of a drop in Firefox's performance is interference with another program. In particular, there may be slowdowns caused by antimalware or antivirus programs which, in checking that no dangerous sites are opened, makes the user wait for every web page loaded.
Theoretically this should not happen so it is better to check that all Firefox plugins are up to date. If the problem was with antivirus, anti-malware or firewall, search in the settings of these programs to authorize Firefox as a safe program or change antivirus.
3) hardware problems
Web browsers are almost never limited by the hardware of a modern computer and even an old PC should not suffer from opening Firefox or other browsers.
But what can happen is a problem with the hard disk that can cause a slow start of Firefox, while the other browsers run fast normally.
It can occur if Firefox is installed on the same disk where the other browsers are. If not, the performance problems could be caused by the slow or almost full hard disk . In this case, it is better to uninstall it and reinstall it on the freest hard disk.
Another possible problem is the fragmentation of the memory unit (the hard disk).
Disk defragmentation is automatic in Windows 10 and can be checked by looking for the Disk Defragmenter utility in the Start menu.
4) Reinstall Firefox "> SpeedyFox. When using Firefox, personalization data is stored in a profile, which is a SQLite database. Over time, customizations accumulate and the database can become large and thus make Firefox slow. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that there are errors in some files within the database.SpeedFox is a tool designed to solve this problem and makes the compaction of the database file.SpeedFox is a small program, easy and immediate, of those that, badly, nothing happens.
I had already mentioned SpeedyFox and other addons in an article to speed up Firefox.
Another article to optimize Firefox there are instead several tricks to make it go as fast as possible.
If in the end you wanted to judge a browser only from the point of view of speed, I recommend reading on how to compare the performance of the browsers on your computer to choose the fastest and most performing.

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